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  1. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    1. What's wrong with Nationalism? 2. I never denied the genocidal character of the Nazi regime, I just pointed out that it was nothing special. Genocides have happened ever since the Ancient Times. What makes the Nazis so special? The Mongols wiped out entire nations, while the Nazis failed to...
  2. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    Any proof of me saying offensive things? I just spit out the truth. Problems? Pointing out that Jews are an ethnic group and a nation is not racism nor antisemitism. It's in fact the very foundation of Zionism.
  3. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    1. Hungarian Jews consider themselves Jewish first, so they don't count as Hungarians. 2. The Siege of Budapest was a battle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The Soviets were the ones who besieged Budapest, not the Nazis. 3. And were the Hungarians murdered just for being...
  4. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    You till don't get it. Evil and good are dependant on the perspective, point of view. Evil and good are subjective. To a jew, Nazis are the most evil thing to ever exist. To a Hungarian, Communists are much worse than Nazis. ETc. There are still a lot of Jews living in Germany, and there are...
  5. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    Snake Featherston, answer one thing for me. Why should a gentile Hungarian like my consider the Nazis worse than Commies? Let's see. Nazis: + supported Greater Hungary + considered Hungarians Aryan Commies: - ruined Hungary's economy - brainwashed Hungarians into believing that communism is...
  6. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    All sides commit crimes during wars, not just the ones who lose it. Off course, we ignore the winners' crimes.
  7. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    Once again, it only proves that good and evil are artificial, and people are just people. How did the Nazis actually come to power? Hitler gained power legally, elected by the majority. So, does that mean that the majority of Germans were evil bastards in the 1930's? Oh, and why did the...
  8. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    So, what's the difference between the Nazis and the Mongols then? Nazis weren't an ethnic group, Nazism is a political ideology. Thus, the Mongols were responsible for around 60 000 000 deaths. Does that mean we must make Ghengis Khan the symbol of evil? The Mongolian people view him as a...
  9. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    Did the Nazis actually kill more than 15 million civilians? They probably killed like 10-15 million innocents. What about the Soviets? 65-135 million innocents killed. Oh, and I shouldn't even mention Mao Zedong and his brutal regime... Thus, I'd be rather killed for my ethnicity than my...
  10. Perception of Communism after Nazi victory

    Between 65 million and 135 million innocent people were killed by the Bolsheviks between 1917 and 1991 in the Soviet Union. The Soviets were no better - if not worse - than the Nazis. This is not racism, this is cold facts. Calling someone racist or antisemitic won't change facts. The Soviets...
  11. Medieval *England without Norman conquest

    I like it so far, but just a few cents: - Why invade Normandy? The Anglo-Saxons didn't have a strong enough army, thus it wasn't in their interests to do so. - The Anglo-Saxon way of warfare is still rather archaic. They need to modernize first, and adopt the Continental...
  12. Yamamoto attacks Britain but not the US

    That's okay, but I've also noticed a lot of insulting comments too in addition to the more polite constructive ones.
  13. Yamamoto attacks Britain but not the US

    You are all ganging up on one guy. It's simply pathetic. Attacking the weak is easy, especially in groups, but it's also cowardly and pathetic.
  14. Draw the Worst Map of Post WW1 Europe

    Worst map you say? The way Hungary was stripped of 73% of her territory was not only unjust and inhumane, but also idiotic, as it fueled heavy revanchism. They should have kept Transylvania, Vojvodina and Northern Hungary ("Slovakia") as parts of Hungary.
  15. AHC: Fascist Canada

    To be honest, a Communist Canada would be much more interesting to see.
  16. Challenge: Greater Hungary after 1945

    Hungary is not without friends. Remember that both Poland and Croatia are very friendly to Hungary. Even Germany is friendly, although they would never dare to enter another war after 1945, so chances that Germany interferes are very slim. Also, Hungary is not the only enemy of Romania: there is...
  17. Challenge: Greater Hungary after 1945

    Are you sure that Hungarian intervention could butterfly the anti-Bosniak genocide? If Hungarians got Vojvodina back, they would be like "Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!" meaning that they'd get really confident, and claim back all what they used to have.
  18. Challenge: Greater Hungary after 1945

    Another way couldbe - I think - to make Hungary stay communist, and go aggressive on the non-commie neighbours, for example help Ceacescu in Romania if he agrees to cede Transylvania to them, etc.
  19. Challenge: Greater Hungary after 1945

    Indeed. Hungary doesn't have resources. But it does have manpower. Hungary could arm the Hungarian-speaking minorities in Transylvania, Slovakia and Vojvodina, and use them to defend the land until the reconquest is finished. As for weapons, they could borrow some from a close friend, namely...
  20. Challenge: Greater Hungary after 1945

    After the Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, Hungary began disarming, abolishing conscription, selling it's guns, etc. But what if they weren't so pacifistic? In 1989 there was a violent revolution in Romania, a perfect opportunity for Hungary to invade and take Transylvania away. After...