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  1. A Real Dark Age: suggested PODs or general changes?

    The idea that the Dark Ages were properly dark is of course suspect, after all we still have most of the works of Aristotle and many of Plato's, and a great deal of technology did survive until the renaissance. In other words, the Dark Age was a wimpy Dark Age. I want a proper Dark Ages, I...
  2. Most realistic scenario for a world post a nuclear war

    I've seen estimates that a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan would cause a nuclear winter, so I don't doubt that the climactic effects of any war would be devastating. However the US would be able to survive it far better than the USSR would, not only because they would be hit less...
  3. Most realistic scenario for a world post a nuclear war

    The thing is though that the places where the population is massed are the areas that were annihilated in the nuclear war.
  4. A Victorious Nazi Germany with Lebensraum would...

    They would be a great power, able to draw on their vassals across Europe not much else, they have no friends. Their best case scenario is great power, they're about as likely to collapse.
  5. AHC: Christian Communism in the United States Anytime After 1900

    Liberation Theology isn't the only game in town for Christian communism, it isn't even close to the first. Look as far back as Leo Tolstoy, an Orthodox Christian iirc, who cooperated with protestants in the new world to spread the message of anarcho-pascifism.
  6. Which ways Hitler was a bigger Idiot than a evil dictator

    Ribbentrop and Goebbels both strongly supported a Axis-Soviet Bloc, so did Italy and Japan. It would at least give some breathing room for dealing with Britain if their empire is crumbling.
  7. Which ways Hitler was a bigger Idiot than a evil dictator

    Not supporting a Pan-Evil Axis that included the USSR. Stalin was totally ready to do that so they could carve out an empire in southern Asia and the Mid-East. Keeps Russia busy and might even provide a source of oil which was in high demand. Aside from that, everything involving the...
  8. WI: No Hitler, who's Fuehrer?

    This was my first thought, came here to post this.
  9. Best Case Scenario for Italian gains following WW1?

    Obviously the Treaty of Versailles was a big disappointment for Italy, not having gotten the colonial possessions they were looking for or more importantly much of their desired gains in Croatia, Slovenia, etc. What is the most realistic scenario if we're looking for a bit of an Italy wank?
  10. Pop Culture w/o Vietnam

    I wonder if that changes the course of the Carnation Revolution somewhat, perhaps Portugal remains a slightly more centrist military dictatorship for longer with the eyes of the US focused on aiding Portugal. In terms of culture, there's been at least one Nobel Prize for Literature winning...
  11. Philosophy without Fascism or Cross-European War

    WW1 still exists in this TL, just not WW2 on a truly global scale. The Frankfurt School would likely still exist in a very unrecognizable form so critical theory would at least exist though it is unlikely to have the same following.
  12. Philosophy without Fascism or Cross-European War

    I might end of doing this TL later, turns out my philosophy prof loves history of philosophy and even a little alternate history. So I have an expert consultant. :D
  13. Philosophy without Fascism or Cross-European War

    Let's say Fascism didn't appear, Mussolini just blew it really early on or is otherwise put down, the major left and centre-left parties are able to beat whichever far right groups emerge in Germany into submission, Spain may or may not be a military dictatorship. You can have a major war if...
  14. If Hitler had died in 1939 could there have been successful German-Soviet Axis talks?

    In the fall of 1940 there were talks of the Soviets joining the Axis, many seemed to be fairly optimistic about the possibility, however Hitler had already decided in the summer of 1940 that he would eventually end up invading the USSR and had start some small preparations. If Hitler had died...
  15. When did the Western Roman Empire technically end?

    You have it all wrong, it was when the Tsars were deposed during the Russian Revolution. :p
  16. AHC: Surviving Tenochtitlan

    So hire different architects and less qualified propagandists?
  17. AHC: Gorbachev is a second Khrushchev

    A major theme of Khrushchev's time in charge of the USSR was reform (de-Stalinization) but culminating in a loosened grip on Eastern Europe and thus the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 which Khrushchev then had to put down to ensure the stability of their hold on all of their satellites. Is it...
  18. AHC: A more successful and early Anarcho-Capitalist movement?

    It could be an offshoot of Classical Liberalism, but the problem is that back in the age of 10 year olds pulling 14 hour shifts the only people who could actually believe the upper classes would be better if only you gave them more freedom was the upper classes themselves, and not the members of...
  19. AHC: Satanism as a state religion

    The USSR tries to troll the world, succeeds massively.
  20. Alternate Non-Religious US Mottos

    Dei Gratia Regina :p (God Save the Queen)