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  1. Aelita

    Challenge: A "Socialism vs Communism" Cold War

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to provide a scenario in which the ideological posturing of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II is, instead of a capitalism vs. communism dynamic, a ideological conflict between moderate, reformist...
  2. Aelita

    The Great Crusade (Reds! Part 3)
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    The Great Crusade A History of the Global Antifascist Struggle "Soldiers, sailors and airmen of the United Nations! You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you."* Army General David Eisenhower "They told us...
  3. Aelita

    WI: Laserdisc doesn't have a bad launch

    When the first Laserdisc players launched amidst much fanfare in 1978, a whole lot of things went wrong. Most importantly, though, there were tremendous problems with disc quality, leading to a majority of many titles being defective and needing to be replaced. As a result, the consumer base...
  4. Aelita

    WI/CH: True-breeding corn over hybrid

    I was rereading biologist Richard Lewontin's book Biology as Ideology: The Doctrine of DNA a while back. Related to its basic thesis of evolutionary biology being misused, Lewontin noted several examples of the current scientific discourse that he felt demonstrated the social context behind...
  5. Aelita

    Challenge: Make Ron Paul a major figure in the New Left

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul a major figure of the 60s and 70s New Left and enduring presence in the far left for the period after, with a POD no earlier than his 18th birthday. Bonus points if he is still...
  6. Aelita

    Alternate US House apportionment tools

    After pondering whether or not to write a program myself to do this function, and then answering with a resounding "fuck no", I quite happily found some tools on the Internet that should help with people writing American political history timelines. It's something that, unfortunately, we don't...
  7. Aelita

    DBWI: The Southern states secede instead of the North?

    In the 1860s, the central national political issue was the debate over slavery. In 1860, a new party won the presidency of the old United States, electing Illinois politician Abraham Lincoln on a platform of stopping the spread of slavery to new states and territories. He was elected largely on...
  8. Aelita

    The Spartakiad

    "In variis volvntatibus regnari tamen omnes volebant, libertatis dvlcedine nondum experta." Titus Livius, Ab Vrbe Condita Libri, I, XVII(1) From the Annals of Tacitus, Book I Roma at the beginning was ruled by kings. The first freedoms and the consulship were established by Lucius Brutus...
  9. Aelita

    Challenge: German Army mutinies post WWI armistice

    Quite notably, even though the social order of the Reich was collapsing, the Army itself remained pretty strongly beholden to the old conservative organization. While there was social revolution in many major cities, and in Kiel the German navy mutinied and elected worker and sailor councils...
  10. Aelita

    List of US Presidents, 1789-2012 With a Twist

    The twist is that, thanks to a different selection of delegates to the Constitutional Convention, a constitution is ratified that is much closer to the Virginia Plan. Under this constitution, the US Congress (at least initially*) as a whole elects the President, who serves as Head of State and...
  11. Aelita

    WI: Hitler dies, becomes paradigm shifting artist

    It's often said with good reason that the best thing an artist can do for his career is die. Well, what happens if Adolf Hitler kicks the bucket in say the early 20s, and his works are discovered by a growing romanticist art movement, catapulting him into posthumous stardom?
  12. Aelita

    PODs to get better German panzer units

    One thing that a lot of studies of the Second World War have noted is that in spite of cliches of German efficiency and the quality of German engineering, the German military, particularly mechanized forces, were plagued by terrible logistical inefficiencies and some pretty glaring engineering...
  13. Aelita

    WI: No lawsuit against Berkely Unix

    In the final and probably most ignoble act of the Unix wars, AT&T brought a lawsuit in 1990 against Berkeley Software Distribution, Incorporated, alleging that BSDi had egregriously violated AT&T's proprietary interests, and maliciously planned to distribute proprietary code with the Berkeley...
  14. Aelita

    Plausibility Check: Japanese Mechanized Warfare

    I'm looking into the plausibility of the Imperial Japanese Army adopting something similar to the German Heer's mechanized combat doctrine, albeit on a more limited scale. In essence, the Germans entered World War 2 with two separate armies. The modern, mechanized Panzer forces utilized tanks...
  15. Aelita

    Nerve Gas in the Second World War

    The first two weaponized nerve agents, GA/Tabun and GB/Sarin, were both successfully synthesized before the Second World War by German scientists. As organophosphate nerve agents, they're essentially Raid for people. Sarin, for example, is 500 times more toxic than cyanide, and can be easily...
  16. Aelita

    WI: Leningrad Falls?

    No, this actually has nothing to do with my ongoing timeline. However, I have noticed that since I've been on this board, I don't think this subject has really ever been looked at, which I find odd, because it seems like an interesting divergence. Siege of Leningrad So, say Operation...
  17. Aelita

    Reds! A Revolutionary Timeline: (Special Edition)
    Threadmarks: 1897-1904

    Introduction For those of you have followed and commented on Reds!, this will at least in part be a retread of what you've already read. However, this is the revised, definitive edition of the timeline, so there will be changes, new material and retcons abound. I hope that this will make a...
  18. Aelita

    Challenge: A Liberation Theology Theocracy

    Your challenge is, with a POD no earlier than 1955, to make a theocratic government somewhere that professes to Catholic liberation theology.
  19. Aelita

    WI: Marbury v. Madison without judicial review?

    This is semi-relevant to a future TL I'm planning. But the essence of the question is pretty simple. In the landmark Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison, Chief Justice Marshall essentially established for the first time the interpretation that Article III permitted the courts to nullify law...
  20. Aelita

    WI: Nixon a card-carrying communist?

    One thing that is quite interesting for anyone who reads Nixon's bio is that his working class background and relative class-consciousness don't seem to fit him in very well with the rest of his party. Change a few things, and he quite very well could have been radicalized in his youth or during...