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  1. CosmicAsh

    These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    After some much needed time away from both content creation and resolving other matters I was dealing with, I am now pleased and excited to, nearly three years after the first thread was started, to inaugurate the new thread for the ever-expansive timeline I have created on this forum. Astute...
  2. CosmicAsh

    Our Fair Country: The Commonwealth of New England
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    After some careful thought and consideration, I've decided to formally open a thread here in the Graphics forum dedicated to Our Fair Country, which I had started over in the pre-1900 forum. The premise behind this is pretty simple; I'm going to use this as a place to post the various maps...
  3. CosmicAsh

    The Connecticut Map Thread

    I needed a repository for all the Connecticut Maps I'll be doing. My goal is to have a comprehensive breakdown of the state using all the data I have available to me. My sources will be listed below the (provisional) table of contents on this page. I expect this to be a multi-year project...
  4. CosmicAsh

    Our Fair Country: A History of New England

    Foreword In the pursuit of Knowledge, Historians have long debated among themselves over the correct interpretations of events. This knowledge thus finds itself muddled between the various and competing views of the significance of the facts, or the interpretation of their effects. North...
  5. CosmicAsh

    Such Times as These: An Alternate 2000 Election

    7:00 PM Eastern Time From NBC News, this is Decision 2000 Election Coverage. Here is Brian Williams. Brian Williams: "Good Evening, it's 7 o'clock in the evening here on the east cost and polls have just closed in five more states." Williams: "We can now go to a projection. NBC News...
  6. CosmicAsh

    A Mari Usque Ad Mare: A History of Canada

    "A beautiful country, for the taking." - Jacques Cartier, 1547 voyage to Canada "A small, unbearable island [Île Sainte-Croix]. We determined to settle elsewhere, forming our camp at Port-Royal." - Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons, 1604 "The settlement in question shall be located at the...
  7. CosmicAsh

    Debs Lived, Debs Lives, Debs Shall Live Forever!

    |*--*| "He was an inspiring leader, he cared for the people" -Susana Taylor, Washington City (Debstown) resident "I saw him speak as a child, he had such a passion" -Paul Lavallee, Patriotic War veteran, Worker's Army (1931-1946) "His movement was unmatched, his appeal inescapable...
  8. CosmicAsh

    Kanan's Infobox, Map, & Misc. Graphic Thread

    This is mostly so that I can consolidate everything that I've been doing into one place so I don't have to bustle around trying to find if I placed a specific item on Alternate History or if I placed it on Reddit. For now, all of the things I do link will have to do with my Timeline The...