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  1. von Mises

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    Shorter occupation, less opportunity for the Nazi's to do their thing and the Death Penalty only being reintroduced after the PoD all make me think Quisling is probably going to do a substantial amount of porridge, but dodge a bullet here.
  2. von Mises

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    Stormont, at least, they'd have no trouble with, or at least no more trouble than is inevitable with Stormont. The Good Friday Agreement stuff, not so much.
  3. von Mises

    WI: Donald Rumsfeld ran for President in 1996

    Given he'd have been an Illinois governor, and given the record they have, it would probably have made him more likely to be imprisoned than a viable candidate.
  4. von Mises

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    I think it's the implementation of Keynes plans that has been most conspicuously lacking - it's tended to the economics of Viv Nicholson, rather than the counter-cyclical activity Keynes envisaged. I'm not sure how you can remedy that, though.
  5. von Mises

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    If we're going down a darker route, an earlier doctors plot might be a possibility. Stalin was no great friend of the Jewish People, and combine that with his paranoia, well, it may well be very nasty.
  6. von Mises

    A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    St Helena is, I am told, very useful, and not just for Corsicans.
  7. von Mises

    How true is the notion that saints (especially Roman Catholic) are pagan Roman gods in disguise?

    While not a Roman Catholic saint, Charles, King and Martyr, is, I am fairly sure, not originally a pagan diety.
  8. von Mises

    Sports tall athletes play without basketball

    Cricket is an option - a tall fast bowler will be intimidating.
  9. von Mises

    WI Queen Elizabeth Dies before/during Financial Crisis

    I'm fairly sure Victorian coinage was legal up until decimalisation, so I can't see coins being changed. Notes, I imagine would remain valid until they get the next series of notes out, but most would probably fall out by wear and tear before then.
  10. von Mises

    Operation Sea Lion (1974 Sandhurst Wargame)

    Whatever happens, we have got The Panzer IV, and they have not Or so I can only imagine the so-called logic is.
  11. von Mises

    AHC: PM Hitchens

    I never said he didn't - I said he wants the economics that will enable his preferred society. Much easier to control society in a more controlled economy.
  12. von Mises

    AHC: PM Hitchens

    Peter Hitchens is basically what you'd get if the most conservative Republicans realised that liberal economics (the sort of thing Thatcher brought in) made going back to their idealised '50's society an impossibility and decided that that society was more important to them than the economics.
  13. von Mises

    Best Time to Abolish House of Lords

    How about never? Never's good for me.
  14. von Mises

    I wouldn't have thought so, I like things slightly less often than Ddmkm did, when I see the...

    I wouldn't have thought so, I like things slightly less often than Ddmkm did, when I see the posts at least.
  15. von Mises

    Heath Declares martial law

    And who might he possibly consider capable of pulling that off?
  16. von Mises

    Heath Declares martial law

    After Andrei Gromyko is spotted wearing a lavender handkerchief in his top pocket...
  17. von Mises

    New Deal Coalition Retained Pt II: World on Fire

    Try Googling Wolfgang Altenburg, seems to fit the bill - and use Google translate. Five seconds of searches, all it took.
  18. von Mises

    2018 Turtledoves - Best Cold War to Contemporary Timeline Poll FINAL

    There's inaccuracy and then there's pulling stuff out of certain orafices.