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  1. Neneveh

    X4 Color Scheme

    Based upon @Ashtagon 's X2 and X3 color schemes, I give you the X4 (Every Color Scheme Ever Color Scheme, Extra-Extra). Part one of six is South America. The X2/3 had 22 colors. These have been supplemented with 24 new ones to give the X4 46 South American colors. I will be working on the rest...
  2. Neneveh

    Linguistic World Map 1

    So, I've decided that my new project needs its own little thread instead of hogging up the "Blank Map Thread." 1) my new project isn't exactly blank; and 2) it's a linguistic map, so it kind of needs a language thread. Having not found any appropriate threads that are still being commented on, I...
  3. Neneveh

    Crowdsourcing Map Idea

    Hello, my name is Violette, and I've been making maps here and there for this site for a couple of years now. I'm rather interested in creating a giant world map, with one pixel being equivalent to an equatorial kilometer. This map would therefor be 40,030 pixels wide and 20,004 pixels high. I'm...
  4. Neneveh

    The Seas are Rising Map

    Could someone please create a blank map of the world (without borders), with sea levels 70 meters above their current state. This would simulate all of the world's frozen water supply melting. Please use the included map. Thank you!