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  1. The Journey - A Protect & Survive short story.

    4th May 2007. Georgemas Junction, northern Scotland. The old Class 37 locomotive growled slowly into Georgemas Junction railway station, the last stop before the train’s final destination. The ‘Man from the Ministry’ (well actually the Electoral Commission), lowered the window on the carriage...
  2. The Last Flight of XM594 - A P&S Spin-off.

    Well here is my attempt at a spin-off from Jack's Protect and Survive time line. * I "At its operational height the Vulcan can outfly and outmanoeuvre any fighter in squadron service today." - Air Ministry Press Release (1958). Extract of memorandum sent from H.Q 1 Group, RAF to Vulcan...
  3. Admiral Jimmy Carter, USN?

    What if instead of leaving the navy and entering politics Jimmy Carter had decided to stay in the United States Navy? Might have have risen to the top and become CNO?
  4. Red Dawn artwork thread.

    Taken from this thread: I hopping that this will be the place to keep all the artwork from the Red Dawn TL in one place. I'm going to kick things off with RAF profiles and a captured Su-24; with thanks to Mark Jones and John...
  5. The Fourth Protocol War.

    11th June 1988, Troywood, near Anstruther, Scotland. Leading Observer Craig Archibald looked down at his RADIAC meter, taking the local radiation level. It had dropped to near background levels, which was a good sign; Troywood was regularly the recipient of fall-out from the city of Dundee...
  6. WI: 2008 US Presidential Election.

    IC: So who are you all planning to vote for? OOC: A subtle WI with just one minor change to the OTL election.