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  1. Mad Bad Rabbit

    MBR Presents: Weekly #1s from Billboard Instrumental Top 40

    It's been a year or so since the last such thread, but this time let's make it a little different: POD: On August 4th 1958, in addition to adding the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard also adds the Instrumental Top 40 specifically for instrumentals. This thread will track weekly #1's from that...
  2. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Ash Monday

    An interesting co-incidence: at 11 AM EST on February 26th, 2001, everyone but Colin Powell in the Presidential line of succession was in Washington, D.C. ; so were most members of Congress, for the next day's planned State of the Union Address ; and all but 4 state governors, for the Winter...
  3. Mad Bad Rabbit

    George III killed in 1786

    On August 2, 1786, a madwoman named Margaret Nicholson approached King George III with what she claimed was a petition (actually a blank piece of paper), then tried to stab him with a grapefruit knife. POD: she uses a sharper,rustier knife instead. The wound is not deep, but it becomes...
  4. Mad Bad Rabbit

    AHC: Invasion of The Zombies ...

    No, not that kind of zombie: make The Zombies the definitive British Invasion band, instead of the Beatles (the POD may include no Beatles).
  5. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Challenge: How Red Was My Valley

    Your mission: come up with a post-1900 POD where Wales (or the entire UK if you like) is Communist by 1939.
  6. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Also Sprach Die Wahnstimme

    ("So spake the crazy-voices") Verona, Italy October 1889. Kaiser Wilhelm II is travelling through Italy, on his way back to Berlin from attending his cousin's wedding Greece. Among the crowd waiting to view him at the railway station is a deranged writer named Frederick Nietzsche. Nietzsche...
  7. Mad Bad Rabbit

    For Want of a Shoe

    October 12, 1960 During a tense debate at the U.N. General Assembly, upon the subject of colonialism, Nikita Kruschev has behaved in an increasingly irrational manner; calling the Delegate Sumulong of the Phillipines a "jerk" and a "stooge of American imperialism". Sumulong responds with...
  8. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Kruschev hits Bush with a shoe

    Oct 12, 1960 During a U.N. General Assembly meeting, Nikita Kruschev gets so angry at a speech by Vice President Prescott Bush that he takes off his shoe and throws it at him. U.S. response? Effect on next month's Presidential election?
  9. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Rio Atrato connects Atlantic/Pacific

    In OTL the Atrato river comes within 30 miles of the Pacific Ocean, but then turns north and empties into the Caribbean. What if it had a delta emptying into the Pacific near Antado, in addition to the existing mouth ? This would let ships use...
  10. Mad Bad Rabbit

    No Josephine

    July 23, 1794. During the Reign of Terror, Josephine de Beauharnais is sent to the guillotine alongside her husband, Alexandre. So: Napoleon's going to end up with someone else in 1795 -- any ideas who? Madame Tallien (who was already estranged at that point) ? Also: if we believe the cynical...
  11. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Russia To Build Cuban Spaceport. In 1962.

    September 1, 1962. Speech by Premier Fidel Castro, in response to JFK's moon speech. "At the same time that the United States proposes to fly hundreds of thousands of kilometers through space to the moon by virtue of its industrial and technological development, it also maintains the most...
  12. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Church Bans Compass

    1326: Pope John XXII issues a Papal Bull forbidding various sorts of divination, including the use of dowsing rods to find water or treasure, and the use of lodestones to find directions. So: until the alt-Reformation, Europeans don't use compasses ; while Arab and Chinese explorers do. Effects?
  13. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Apollo 9: "We will be fine"

    ...even though NASA say, "Way out of line!" March 13th, 1969. Holguin Province, Cuba. Due to problems with the de-orbit burn, Apollo 9 doesn't splash-down in the desired target area (the open Atlantic north of Puerto Rico). Instead, they make a rather rough landing, approximately 600 nm off...
  14. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Tunguska hits Tampa/St. Petersburg :)

    July 30, 1908: a ten megaton airburst flattens the sleepy beachside town of St. Petersburg, Florida. Tampa and Ybor City are also destroyed, taking out a fourth of America's cigar manufacturing capacity, and the port of Tampa (which handled a substantial portion of the nation's phospate...
  15. Mad Bad Rabbit

    No 'Yes'

    Spring, 1970 Jon Anderson's plan to get rid of Peter Banks are put on hold when his planned replacement, Steve Howe, agrees to join Jethro Tull instead (replacing Glenn Cornick). Banks stays on to complete The Yes Album; but with him and Jon constantly bickering the album is a disaster...
  16. Mad Bad Rabbit

    WI: Kruschev visits Disneyland and...

    is so impressed that, upon returning to the USSR, he orders construction of "Rodinaland". Naturally, the decadent feudalist castle is replaced by (an almost entirely hollow) The Sputnik ride is especially popular. Of course, the USA isn't going...
  17. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Alternate JFK Assassination

    June 12th, 1963: President Kennedy sends federal troops to enforce desegregation of the University of Alabama. Later that day, in a televised address, he calls segregation a "moral crisis" and proposes what will in OTL become the Civil Rights Act of 1964. June 20th, 1963: President Kennedy...
  18. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Party Like Iraq's Tsar (totally, dude)

    Your challenge: using any pre-1900 POD, have Imperial Russia annex part or all of Mesopotamia, including a port on the Persian Gulf.
  19. Mad Bad Rabbit

    Where Were You When The Tower Fell?

    10:08 PM, Friday, Feb. 20th 1981. For more than an hour, Aerolineas Argentinas Flight 342 from Miami has been circling JFK, waiting permission to land. Heavy fog has cut visibility to less than a half mile, and the overworked air traffic controllers are having a very bad night. It's about to...
  20. Mad Bad Rabbit

    A Very Bad Year (1973)

    "Anything that can go wrong, will" -- attributed to Edward A. Murphy, c. 1949 01-30-1973 Senator John C. Stennis of Mississippi is shot and killed during a robbery outside his Washington, D.C. residence. His colleague, Senator James O. Eastland, proposes a Handgun Control Act which (though he...