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  1. TheWitheredStriker

    Earliest possible unification of the Low Countries?

    What is the earliest point at which the Low Countries can be a unified, independent state? And how would this be accomplished? Ideally, I'm searching a way that leads to an independent state (so no unification under a foreign power) where Old or Middle Dutch is the main language or at least...
  2. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC: Muslim-majority Indochina

    The challenge is to have Islam spread across Mainland Southeast Asia beyond Malaya and the Cham and become the majority religion (at least 60 - 70%). Bonus points if all five countries (Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) are Muslim-majority. Vietnam alone also accords bonus points...
  3. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC: Make Andorra have its own hereditary monarchy (no co-princes)

    The challenge is to make Andorra have its own monarchy that lasts (any PoD after its foundation in 805); it basically ends up a lot like OTL Monaco, being a tiny little statelet with its own monarchy, bordering but seperate from large countries, and probably being a tax paradise. There are no...
  4. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC: France and the HRE swap places (France is a decentralized mess, the HRE is fully centralized)

    Everyone knows the Ancién Regime's French Kingdom as an, eventually, highly centralized kingdom, which shed nearly all of its fiefs and whose kings became the poster boys of absolutism and the divine right to rule. The neighbouring Holy Roman Empire, in the meantime, became a messy hodgepodge of...
  5. TheWitheredStriker

    WI: Trebizond recaptures Constantinople from the Latin Empire instead of Nicaea

    The first thread I made on this forum, hoping all goes well with it. If something's off, please let me know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would it have been possible, following the...