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  1. V-J

    On the Ottomans and the Med

    The more I read about the 16th century, the more utterly hegemonic the Ottomans seem in the Med - everything the Holy League, Spain etc accomplished were basically holding actions or proxy fights (Tunis etc) designed to keep Ottoman influence from spilling over into the Western Med. Venice...
  2. V-J

    Alternate Leaders #3 'In It Together'

    It was really a delightfully miserable evening outside. The rain streaked down the windows of the Number Ten study in great forceful torrents, sliding down the windows at marathon speed, and all behind was a theatrical, blackened void. It was charming weather for being indoors, taking pleasure...
  3. V-J

    Alternate Leaders #2 'Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar'

    ... *** ... Today, she was choosing to wear her countenance of benign, relaxed contempt. It was, she found, a frontage she had increasing need to resort to as she aged. The nature of events, both today and in the recent past, had almost pushed her into a Thatcher-era full-blown scowl, but...
  4. V-J

    Alternate Leaders #1 'We're Alright'

    Born to mining stock in Tredegar, Wales, a town at the head of the Sirhowy Valley, Neil Kinnock always had an unlikely claim to the destiny of high success. Most likely at birth to follow in his father and gradfather’s footsteps and go down the pit, Kinnock was nevertheless born and brought up...
  5. V-J

    British Politics Mini Timeline

    Here’s a little mini-TL I started in the PM lists thread; considering it’s no longer a list but is now something a bit different and more substantial, I thought I’d put it in a new thread. Note that the POD is premised on the late swing hypothesis for 1970, which I’m not entirely sure I accept...
  6. V-J

    AHC - Joseph P. Kennedy Sr, elected President 1924

    Simple enough: elect Kennedy senior as president in the first election in which he would have been eligible, 1924. Bonus points for getting him re-elected and/or doing crazy/funny shit with his presidency.
  7. V-J

    Alternate Football (Soccer) Matches

    Same principle as the alternate political leaders threads: we collaboratively list successive football matches in a tournament or competition. Each of us will describe a match in basic detail, which will form part of an AH sequence. Simpler than it sounds, but not sure if this'll take off. Few...
  8. V-J

    Alternate GOP development

    This is based on chatter in the 2012 thread on Chat. Two scenarios presented themselves to me based on stuff Magniac said. The first is that Reagan remains compos for longer, perhaps until his death. Would this have any effect on how the GOP developed over the last twenty years? I doubt...
  9. V-J

    AHC: Newcastle Most Successful English Football Club

    Following on from the Everton thread, I thought I'd make one on my own club. I'm interested in people's thoughts of relevant PODs. Newcastle have struggled to emerge as a top-flight club in recent times, with the possible exception of the mid-nineties under Keegan/Hall, so that seems like a...
  10. V-J

    AHC: Winfield Scott Hancock a 'great' President

    Since I mentioned him in Chat, let's have a bit of fun with him on here for a bit. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make Winfield Scott Hancock be commonly regarded as a 'great' or 'near-great' president. Note, not a great man, but a great president. POD is up to you. go...
  11. V-J

    WI: Henry VI killed at 1st Battle of St. Albans

    This is an interesting one. The First Battle of St. Albans was a bit of a shambles. Not terribly organised fighting in the town itself, and the Lancastrians came off the worst politically and militarily. Henry VI was actually injured by an arrow becoming lodged in his shoulder (or was it his...
  12. V-J

    Building Jerusalem Mk2.0

    I shall not cease from mental fight Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand 'till we have built Jerusalem In England's green and pleasant land - Jerusalem “Will Labour ever win an election again?”, people were asking. Many thought that under the current electoral system, it couldn’t be done...
  13. V-J

    A more powerful medieval Norway?

    What would we need to have as a POD for this? And what would be the effects? How big could Norway realistically become in this period?
  14. V-J

    AH Challenge: Gore-McCain: Gore wins

    Although polls early in presidential election years are by their nature not hugely reliable indicators of how people will vote months away in November, in February 2000 polls generally showed John McCain beating Al Gore by double-figure numbers - sometimes by as much as 20 points; a sizeable...
  15. V-J

    Orthodox Scandinavia

    Is there any way this could be brought about, even partially? (Say, Sweden/Finland) If so, how? What would be the long-term political and economic effects of such a change? Just food for thought.
  16. V-J

    President Paul Simon

    Here's one which I believe hasn't been done before: how could we get Paul Simon, US Senator from Illinois, as President? The most obvious place to start would be the 1988 election - I'd really like to avoid any 'Dukakis picks him as running mate, Dukakis falls over dead' scenarios - is there...
  17. V-J

    WI: Pompey assumes the Dictatorship, 61BC

    After Pompey had concluded fighting in the East against Mithridates, and had reorganised the provinces in the East to Rome's advantage, he returned to Rome with his armies, and many suspected he would follow Sulla in imposing a Dictatorship. This Pompey did not do - he disbanded his forces, and...
  18. V-J

    Building Jerusalem

    I shall not cease from mental fight Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand ‘Till we have built Jerusalem In England’s green and pleasant land - Jerusalem “Will Labour ever win an election again?”, people were asking. Many thought that under the current electoral system, it couldn’t be...
  19. V-J

    AH Challenge: SDP as the 'natural party of government'

    (The UK SDP, that is) So here's one for ya. With a POD no earlier than 1981 (the historical birth-date of the SDP) find a way to make the SDP the 'natural party of government' in Britain. You cannot merge the SDP and the Liberal Party. You can include a change of the electoral system at some...