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  1. WI: The Eadwig/Edgar Division of England endures longer

    WI: In RL in 957 to prevent a civil war in England the realm was divided along the Thames with Eadgar the Peaceful ruling the North, while Eadwig ruled the south. It was moot two years later when Eadwig died at age 19 and Eadgar reunited the whole of England. BUT, what if Eadwig lived longer...
  2. WI: Queen Victoria became interested in Spiritualism?

    WI: Queen Victoria, infamous for her mourning of her husband, the Albert, Prince Consort, developed an interest in the popular 'Spiritualism' movement that emerged in the Victorian Era and tried a séance to speak to him once more? Would she try it more than once? Would she embrace a...
  3. WI: The Kims were Overthrown in NKorea in the late 80's, the Ceaușescu's keep Romania to Present?

    WI: The 'Kim Dynasty' of Kim Il-sung was overthrown in North Korea during the late 80's, but Nicolae Ceaușescu and his family kept control of Romania during the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact and still rule Romania in the present day?
  4. A Death in Scotland...
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    A portrait of James VI of Scots, made after his untimely death. Prologue Scotland, 19 March 1570. The year 1570 in Scotland began with violence with the assassination of the regent for King James VI of Scots, known historically as 'the Wee-King' or 'the Boy-King'. The murder of James Stewart...
  5. WI: The Male Bourbons ALL died in exile during the French Revolution/Napoleonic Empire

    This is a WI that is designed to shake up the French monarchy a bit during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Period (if it already hadn't taken enough hits). What if ALL of the male members of the House of Bourbon died in their respective exiles during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic...
  6. WI: Maria Theresa lost the War of the Austrian Succession

    A 'what if' that I've contemplated for a while, what if Maria Theresa von Habsburg had lost the War of the Austrian Succession? What would the consequences have been? For example, Maria Theresa secured the Hungarian throne independently of the Austrian inheritance, would the Franco-Prussian...
  7. Succession, if James VI of Scotland dies in 1572

    Inspired by @VVD0D95's thread about Elizabeth I, what if James VI of Scotland (who in RL wound up becoming James I of England) died in the year 1572. Who would become King of Scotland, would this person manage to keep it? And what would happen to the English succession?
  8. WI: Gerald Ford was assassinated by Lynette Fromme in 1975

    Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, a Charles Manson disciple and just generally a nutty person attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford with a Colt .45, but was unaware at the time that she would have to pull back the gun slide to get a cartridge in the chamber, thus the gun just clicked when she pulled the...
  9. WI: Joan of France, Duchess of Berry had born a son for Louis XII

    WI: Joan of France, Duchess of Berry (also known as St. Joan of Valois) had managed to bear her husband, the future Louis XII a healthy, living son prior to his ascension to the French throne after his brothers death? Would he still try to annul their marriage to force Anne of Brittany to marry...
  10. WI: Francis I of France was elected Holy Roman Emperor?

    In 1519 one of the most contested elections for Holy Roman Emperor occurred, the two main contenders were Francis I of France and Charles I of Spain and Duke of Burgundy. They both offered big bribes but Charles had the deeper pockets and it was Charles who won. But what if Charles had suffered...
  11. DBWI: Sabbatai Zevi converted to Islam

    What if Sabbatai Zevi accepted Mehmed IV's offer to convert to Islam instead of being martyred like in RL, sparking the birth of Sabbateanism.
  12. DBWI: Margaret Thatcher wasn't elected President of the United States in 1980

    Exactly what it says on the tin, what would have happened if Margaret Thatcher lost the election in 1980 and didn't become President. How would this have affected politics, hell how the 1980's themselves turned out due to, well... basically everything she did for both good and ill.
  13. TL Question: Successful Jacobite Restorations, which TLs are the best?

    I've noted that the What If subject of a successful Jacobite Restoration (for both the James 'the Old King' and 'Bonnie Prince Charlie') are a popular TL subject to do. I'm interesting in reading a complete (or an active current one), but which ones are the best? Specifically which ones have a...
  14. WI: Richard the Lionheart had a daughter.

    WI: Richard I of England and his wife Berengaria of Navarre conceived on their wedding night (I'm assuming it was consummated in this WI) and nine months to the day Berengaria bore a daughter named Eleanor. Would she have been his heir?
  15. WI: Elizabeth I dies of smallpox in 1563?

    I once read a biography of Elizabeth I and it mentioned that she nearly died of smallpox in late 1563. So my question is what happens after that? The succession was still unsettled, though Catherine Grey would have had the best Protestant claim but she was already imprisoned. Any thoughts?
  16. WI: Jiang Qing (Madame Mao) takes over PR China after Mao's death

    What if after her husband's death, Jiang Qing (or Madame Mao) wins the power struggle that occurred and takes over the People's Republic of China?
  17. WI: Catherine Howard bore Henry VIII a son?

    Exactly what it says on the tin, what if Catherine Howard had given Henry VIII a son?
  18. WI: Roman/Carthage Alliance against a third power?

    What if instead of going to war over dominance over the Mediterranean, Carthage and Rome were forced to ally in the face of a third power? Who would that power be? And what would happen?
  19. DBWI: Edward, Prince of Wales didn't die in 1920

    A bit obscure I know, but what if Edward, Prince of Wales (the eldest born of George V of Britain) didn't die at age 26 in 1920?
  20. Question: Alternate Marriages for Elizabeth Bathory

    What are the possible alternate marriages for Elizabeth Bathory (the Blood Countess)? The reason I ask this is because I've tried to imagine what she'd be like as a Queen-consort, and possibly a Regent. I was going to post an AHC in which Edward VI of England lived and wound up marrying...