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  1. PC: southern Italy remains part of the Spanish empire

    with a pod after the end of the War of Spanish Succession, is it possible to have a scenario in which Spain retains the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily? Perhaps either Carlos III or the IV are lone children, meaning there’s no one to hand Naples and Sicily once Carlos III ascends to the Spanish...
  2. Map Thread XXI

    How is there an Atlantic Ocean when there is no Atlantis?
  3. LGBT rights in a surviving USSR

    LGBT rights in Cuba today are not in such a bad place, at least from a legal perspective, with discrimination outlawed and the cost of gender reassignment covered by the government. Same-sex marriage is not yet legal, though from what I've heard it's very close to approving them. I'm willing to...
  4. WI: A 20th Century Christian Fundamental State?

    South Vietnam under Ngo Dinh Diem was actually very much a Catholic version of Iran or Saudi Arabia. I don't know if I'd describe their ideology as "fundamentalist" necessarily, but definitely in terms of policy it was violently persecuting Buddhists (Vietnam was majority-Buddhist), promoting...
  5. What if the Portuguese never colonized Brazil?

    France had a colony in Brazil in the 16th cent. Around the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro. This was IOTL.
  6. WI: The Catholic Church Resurrects The Pentarchy (Or Creates Its Own Version)

    I think that kind of scenario might butterfly away the reformation entirely. A weaker church could mean the underlying reasons for dissatisfaction with the church over its corruption and opulence never materialize, or at least not as strongly as OTL. And maybe a decentralized Catholic Church...
  7. WI: The Catholic Church Resurrects The Pentarchy (Or Creates Its Own Version)

    Why? That's basically the Pope agreeing to give up some of his power and distribute it to other seats. Why do that when he can instead affirm his supremacy over all of christendom.
  8. AHC: biggest plausible Hapsburg wanks

    I recall at least one instance where a Habsburg tried to present their candidacy in the Polish royal elections, but did they ever have any chance of actually getting the required support?
  9. AHC: biggest plausible Hapsburg wanks

    I was always fascinated by the Habsburgs because they managed to rise to amass so much power, mostly through solid marriage strategy rather than military or economic might. So that led me to wonder what other thrones could they possibly manage grab? And especially, what's the longest list of...
  10. Alternate designated continents?

    That plus the Philippines
  11. Why do WW1 threads always get so many replies and are full of controversy?

    I wonder how much of the interest in ww1 was sparked by Kaiserreich. It seems like the most popular AH with a ww1 PoD and a gateway to alternate history for many people.
  12. WI: Stalin drops dead just before the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

    Any takers? I think it’s an interesting PoD
  13. Spanish court in exile in the New World

    What would happen if, while ruling Spanish America from Mexico City or something, Ferdinand were to try and re-instate absolute monarchy, like happened iotl after the PW? Would that not piss off elites in Buenos Aires or Lima just as it did iotl, leading to continued independence revolts?
  14. Most Plausible Countries

    Modern Israel is quite implausible, a religious minority spread all over the globe that decides to organize itself as a nation, and then move to another country that they claim 2000-year-old ancestral roots to? And this all work out in just a few decades? And they don't get crushed by all the...
  15. WI: Stalin drops dead just before the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

    Suppose a scenario where Stalin suffers an unexpected stroke or some freak accident, around late July or early August 1939. By that point, Germany had already determined to go to war with Poland soon, France and Britain had repudiated their policy of appeasement, Soviet-Western talks mostly...
  16. Save one extinct Royal House/Imperial Dynasty

    IIRC during the second Morisco revolt in the 16th century the rebels elected a man who claimed descent from the Umayyads as their leader. Imagine if the revolt had succeeded, and this supposed Umayyad claimant and his descendants still ruled southern Spain.
  17. Save one extinct Royal House/Imperial Dynasty

    Also to add another one: the Hasmonean dynasty. They’re probably responsible for why there even was a Jewish people, otherwise the Jews might have been just one of many smaller nations that got assimilated into the greater Greco Roman world. Think how cool it would have been for a continuous...
  18. Map Thread XXI

    I'm assuming, based on the small percentage of Jews ITTL's AH, that there somehow still was a Holocaust? Or perhaps Zionism still ended up being successful?
  19. Save one extinct Royal House/Imperial Dynasty

    The Rurikids are the oldest house on this list and they survived for like over 700 years until the early 17th century. If they were to survive you could have more than a millennia of uninterrupted Rurikid rule, making them the oldest ruling dynasty in Europe and second oldest in history. I’d...
  20. What type of government would Russia most likely get if Kolchak's White Army won the Russian Civil War?

    In the immediate aftermath of the war, it would remain de-facto under a White military junta. Over the longer term though (the next 5-15 years) I think all options listed in the poll are likely. Edit: to elaborate a bit, I think a post-civil war Russia in that scenario would be very unstable...