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  1. The Jaguar's Roar - An Aztec Timeline

    One had forgotten the simplicity of the Italian political map of the time
  2. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    First, Kiki know how this underworld works: don’t make promises. Second Cosmo is an old reprobate and according to this chapter, a fixer for his king’s secret life. Third his real origins have no report with his assumed surname. It is true that the destinies of the protagonists of this series...
  3. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    I don’t know specifically the German legal system, but in France the Cour de Cassation (in civil/commercial/social/penal cases), the Conseil d’État (administratives cases) and the Conseil Constitutionnel don’t create law, but their jurisprudence can fill the silence of the law, a standard...
  4. The House of Bretwalda : The High Kings of the Anglo-Saxon Commonwealth of the 19th Century

    I suppose that the dramatisations ITTL are as truthful to history as Rome, I Claudius or the Tudors!
  5. "What Madness Is This?" Volume I: The Union Forever

    For an Cthulhuian America TL, the Irish-American song of the Civil War We’ll Fight for Uncle Sam has a very interesting line : Beneath the Starry Banner.
  6. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    As I noted in the post #4148, the laws were only changed in France in 1966, an half-century for us, but the near future for the TL, you could be surprised by the state of the law in the 1960s in your actual location. And even if the authorization were never refused in reality, a bank employee...
  7. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    To give a French perspective OTL : 1965. La femme mariée n'est plus considérée comme une mineure. Réforme des régimes matrimoniaux. 341966. La femme peut exercer une activité professionnelle sans l'autorisation de son mari. Interdiction de licenciement d'une femme enceinte. Loi qui instaure...
  8. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    So, John Dillinger killed policemen in America 25 years ago but el Señor Jorge Arbusto, how many American soldiers he contributed to kill in Mexico (not only there)?
  9. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Kira is the mother/empress, Kiki/Kristina is her adolescent daughter.
  10. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Nancy could name two American officers knowing Tilo : General Patton and General Puller of the Marines, both appreciate him highly for his writings. McCarthy in OTL was excoriated when he attacked the army.
  11. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    A good German, she is following orders,:evilsmile:
  12. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    Not Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke.
  13. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    Plus he his the brother of She of the Karambit, the son in law of Generalfeldmarschall von Richthofen, he is an highly decorated veteran of three wars : Spain, Second Great War (both European and Asian theaters), and South Africa, he has demonstrated initiative in the last. He knows the brothers...
  14. Es Geloybte Aretz - a Germanwank

    I will not LIKE the last post, it is too dark, but powerful on the traumas of the veterans.
  15. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    I add a chart of the complete Holz family as seen in post 1183.
  16. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    A Family tree of the von Holz family
  17. An Age of Prosperity, The Kingdom of Denmark

    Gyldenlund : the ATL Versailles?
  18. Μηδίζω! The World of Achaemenid Hellas

    And I thought see a long post of your analyzing the chapter!
  19. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    And THAT, could be an argument to sell the home visit to Von Kluge : Emil is a personal friend of the Chancellor.
  20. A Bosporan Sun: The Rise and Fall of the Bosporan Kingdom

    I will subscribe to that TL, I like hellenistic times. A little question : why employ the term legion for the military units of the Bosp(h?)oran kingdom?, this a roman term, that appears weird in context.