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  1. Pop Culture WI: DC creates Cinematic Universe instead of Marvel

    What if DC created Cinematic Universe instead of Marvel? What do you think they would have started with? And what movies would we have seen so far? This butterflies away the Nolan Batman trilogy. For extra points create the principal cast members for the movies which may or may not include...
  2. WI: No 2001 Planet of the Apes

    So I was reading a out what films some of the actors turned down to be in Planet of the Apes. Mark Wahlberg was going to be in Oceans 11 as Matt Damons character and Tim Roth was cast as Snape in Harry Potter. With these PODs what else do you think would have changed in the actors careers...
  3. WI: Communist takeover in 1905?

    As on the tin. What if Bloody Sunday was worse and Nicholas didn't make the reforms? Would the communique be able to takeover and bow would that the affect WWI, WWII and beyond?
  4. WI: The Flight to Verrenes succeeds

    I'm currently studying the French Revolution and was curious to see what would happen if the Flight to Verennes succeeded, where Louis XVI gets across the border and meets up with the Austrian and Prussian Armies. And how would this change history
  5. Vigilantes-Any way they could have become a big thing?

    So I was thinking recently after watching the movie Watchmen, reading a couple of different timelines that fleshly mention them and reading the awesome graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, is there anyway that vigilantes could have become a big thing in history? Depending on your answers I...
  6. Australia-An Collab Alternate History

    So I was thinking with a POD of 1770 where Britain sends over real colonists instead of convicts, how different can we make Australia? Here are the first three: - 1779: Sir Joseph Banks' plan to colonize Australia with American Loyalists and British Colonist at Botany Bay goes unchanged and...