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  1. Upcoming AH books

    I have a new one, The Lion, The Titan, and The Boss. The British had seen the Great White Fleet of America. Now the Germans were sending one of their newest ships to the States. They needed to show off one or two of their own new vessels. And they needed a spokesman, one with presence and...
  2. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    You mean . . .
  3. American Army without Vietnam: doctrine, equipment, training, recruitment, deployments, ect...

    You don't have the "hollow army" of the seventies. So many experienced officers and NCO retired early or resigned because of the pointlessness of the war. The epidemic of drug use doesn't happen. Do you have racial gangs in the ranks? Maybe not as bad. Without the influence of the New Left...
  4. Extending the Golden Age of Piracy?

    Madagascar? You mean something like this?
  5. 沒有國民黨就沒有中國, Without the Kuomintang there would be no China, A Republic of China Story

    You have a message from Chiang Kai-shek: Our words are backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS!
  6. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    And the body of Alexander the Great:
  7. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    You mean that that psychopathic monster has actually been promoted?! And given a field command?!? You can look forward to prisoners of war being served up at dinner to put spirit into the high command. The field executions will continue until morale is improved. Supply troops will be thrown...
  8. Oranje Boven: A Dutch timeline

    Does this solve anything?
  9. Co-Dominium: Reboot/ Reimagine the TL

    Does he settle it with the rakehells of Heaven? Because it's surely not the last starship from Earth. But the crops should grow fast, since they have the pollinators of Eden to produce bumper crops,
  10. WI: Hitler launches Operation Sea Lion without air superiority?

    This is a legend, but it has a certain power: "Is there a weapon temporal for me?" As he spoke there came a fleeting image of the man in Brest and of the warnings that he had received. He knew himself to be venturing among great risks, and he dismissed them from his mind. The old man said...
  11. Did the Mechelen Incident help cause the Fall of France?

    It contributed to Allied overconfidence. A significant reaction was that it was an elaborate deception intended to fool the Allies into a disadvantageous deployment.
  12. How would you adapt your favorite timelines?

    "If Hitler Had Invaded England" would make a great miniseries. It was published in three installments, which would provide good breakpoints. For example, the end of Part One: the LDV squad trampling home in the dawn. They stop, look around. The birds are drowned out by a low hum which grows...
  13. To Carrier, or not To Carrier, that is the question!

    In 1965 the Monterey and the San Jacinto were still available. They would be well-suited for being helicopter carriers.
  14. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    And here's one.
  15. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    I think the response would be, "Ah, and aren't we the luckiest Muslims in Ireland now!"
  16. What if the Red Baron survived?

    If I may blow my own horn -- TOOT! Here's my speculation on such a course of events. Thank you.
  17. Bürgerbräukeller Bombing succeeds in killing Hitler, what happens next?

    Payne=Best and Stevens are toast; they are in the hands of Walther Schellenberg and he will want it to look like they were the assassins. If neither Himmler nor Heydrich makes it, the SS empire will be restrained and may not come into existence. Goering 's actions are tricky, He might want to...
  18. Upcoming AH books

    I had a set-to with him. He had the British Army Intelligence Department sending an agent into France to find the Sayeret Matkal assassins. When I pointed out it would be the SIS [Secret Intelligence Service] he said that then they were only doing codebreaking. (GC&CS [Government Code &...