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  1. Suzon

    Jimmy Carter in the '08 Obama Cabinet?

    If Obama wanted Jimmy in the cabinet for some reason, would Jimmy join? If so, what cabinet role would Jimmy take? Not sure what effect this would have for Obama popularity wise, but I think by 2008 Carter is held in higher regard than the 80s and 90s, so I'm assuming it would be a net...
  2. Suzon

    Plausibility Check: Bonapartist restoration in CP victory scenario?

    Is a bonapartist restoration possible in a CP victory scenario? Either under Napoleon V (Victor) or Napoleon VI (Louis)?
  3. Suzon

    AHC: New US Constitution by 2000

    With a POD after 1900, have the US adopt a new constitution by 2000. Bonus points the closer to 2000 the POD is.
  4. Suzon

    AHC: Native American president by 1960

    with a POD of at least 1900, have a president who's primary ethnicity is some type of Native American. Bonus points if they are completely native.
  5. Suzon

    If Ted Kennedy had ran for President in 1976 and won, what would his reaction to the Hostage crisis have been like?

    Any ideas on how he would have dealt with the hostage crisis and how it would compare to Carter?
  6. Suzon

    Could Italy flip sides following a 1917 defeat in WW1?

    Let’s say Caporetto is slightly even more successful and then somehow Monte Grappa is an astounding Austrian victory. Italy is ready for peace with CP. Would Italy accept joining CP if promised 1914 borders with Austria, Nice, Savoy, and Malta, no war indemnities and colonial gains?
  7. Suzon

    AHC: Most potential Familial Presidencies?

    How many familial presidencies can the US stomach? Bonus points if they are sequential! Familial presidencies post 1900: Teddy Roosevelt & Franklin Delano Roosevelt (fifth cousins/uncle-nephew-in-law) George H.W. Bush & George Bush (father-son) near Familial presidencies post 1900: John F...
  8. Suzon

    You Talkin' To Me? - The 2004 Presidential Election
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Welcome to You Talkin' To Me? a timeline featuring an alternate 2004 Presidential Election. A few months after 9/11, Robert De Niro, a patriotic American, was inspired to join the political world after rekindling his relationship with estranged wife Grace Hightower. Spurred by the terrible...
  9. Suzon

    A Death in the Family: The Nintendo Story
    Threadmarks: Prologue - A Death in the Family

    Prologue - A Death in the Family Hiroshi Yamauchi sat down on the twelfth evening of December 1993 as he usually did, next to his wife Michiko, sharing some piping hot tea. Unfortunately, the sixty five year old Yamauchi would never get to enjoy his cup of tea. As his wife poured his tea, she...
  10. Suzon

    Titans Collide: A Nintendo x Sega TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Welcome to Titans Collide, the story of how two bitter rivals came together to change the video game industry. This timeline is based on the erroneous New York Times article published on December 27th, 2000 that stated Nintendo was in talks to buy Sega. In Titans Collide we explore the effects...
  11. Suzon

    Dynasty (A Kennedy Lives TL)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Electoral Vote Turmoil November 6th, 1964 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Crowds gather to protest Tuesday’s election results after the Electoral College was split 269-269 between current President Kennedy and potential president Nixon. The addition of Washington D.C. to the Electoral College was make or...
  12. Suzon

    Altendo: A Nintendo Timeline

    Welcome to Altendo: A Nintendo Timeline In this TL, a sudden and tragic death leads to a whole array of changes for Nintendo, the video game industry, pop culture, and life as we know it. Table of Contents Prologue Part One Part Two Part Three Chapter One Part One
  13. Suzon

    AHC: Expand the British Monarchy's role (POD: post-WWII)

    The Challenge? Expand the role of the Queen (or a subsequent Monarch) within the British government, with a point of divergence post-World War II. Rather than seeing the Monarchy's role diminish, justify a stronger head of state through the Monarchy.
  14. Suzon

    WI: Rich Homie Quan gets arrested on rape charges in 2014

    Would probably kill the trap renaissance. Young Thug would lose his success, Lil Yachty wouldn't have become a rapper, Lil Dicky wouldn't have become as famous without the Quan feature on Save Dat Money, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, and Desiigner wouldn't blow up. Future would probably fade into...
  15. Suzon

    AHC: Make Hamilton president

    I'd say best route would be three term Washington who dies in office in 1799 - Adams picks Hamilton as VP but is not elected in 1800 when Jefferson wins and keeps Hamilton as VP to have bipartisan support, duel never happens, Hamilton survives to become president in 1809. What do you think?