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  1. trekchu

    Most defensible Hong Kong New Territories border

    Now, suppose that because reasons, after WW2 the lease is extended into perpetuity and Anglo-Chinese negotiations result in a border adjustment to ensure a defensible border. Even by a quick glance at the map I can see three priorities for the British, 1) A defensive line that can be held...
  2. trekchu

    WI: No back-to-back Star Trek?

    Arguably what killed pre-reset Star Trek was a mixture of Rick Berman's (boo, hiss, spit) seemingly free hand and the fact that after 18 years of uninterrupted Series after series new ideas were getting thin on the ground and the public was saturated. Now, what if after the desicion was made to...
  3. trekchu

    AHC: Independent California?

    Can it be done? Independent California Republic, Mexican Rump state?
  4. trekchu

    War over Oregon

    Now this has probably been discussed before, but the search function does not like me at present. Now, supposing that one of the many close calls in the Oregon Country in the 1840s goes too far and war eventually breaks out again between the British Empire and the United States of America...
  5. trekchu

    PC: George VI dies, wartime coronation in 1944?

    While writing my AAR I began to map out a chapter in detail. The main question is: Since George VI died in a UXB explosion in 1942 there is a regency for Elizabeth until she turns 18 in 1944. By now it's early 1943 and I figured that No.10 and the Palace would start asking the same question. Do...
  6. trekchu

    Ireland in WW2 - effects on the Troubles?

    Supposing that Ireland enters the war at some point, say, 1941 after the Germans bomb Dublin by mistake or something. Ireland is turned into a base for the Battle of the Atlantic, maybe even sends a Brigade to fight in Italy or France later on, but first and foremost has a closer relationship...
  7. trekchu

    Ireland in WW2, effect on the Troubles?

    Inspired by the "Ireland invades NI" thread and the documentary to that effect I came to ponder, what would the effect on the troubles be if Ireland had entered WW2 at some point, i.e. maybe a better equipped Irish Army, different Anglo-Irish relations? Would there have been any impact at all?
  8. trekchu

    WI Charles I lives/reforms?

    A friend of mine and myself have been discussing a few things and what came up was that he asked me "What if Charles I hadn't been beheaded or if the Civil War would have been prevented somehow?" (Not his exact words but the gist of it). Now, what I know about the English Civil War is limited...
  9. trekchu

    Tech Plausability Check: Crusader based APC

    I've seen it suggest elsewhere that it would be possible to design an APC around the chassis of the Crusader Tank. Now in my AAR, I have loads of obsolete Crusaders sitting around in Britain and North Africa, and a need for APCs, and so I was of course interested. My question for the more tech...
  10. trekchu

    Can you help me find a map?

    My search-engine fu has failed me in finding a map of a Modern-day or near modern day Federal Kingdom of Yugoslavia that I saw on here many, many moons ago. It was a rather good one and showed the parts, the official languages and some demographic data if I remember correctly.
  11. trekchu

    A question for the WW2 nuts.

    How far can you realistically move up the small-scale use of VT, a.k.a Proximity fuses for land-based Artillery?
  12. trekchu

    WI Challenge: Republican Saudi Arabia

    The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make Saudi Arabia a democratic republic by 2009, without intervening militarily or glassing any part of the world. The POD shall be no earlier than 1935 and no later than, say, 1970. Note: This came from some ideas I have been toying...
  13. trekchu

    Fixing the Middle-East...sorta

    In my AAR ( linked in my sig ) I am coming close to a point where I want to try and have the British attempt to 'fix' the middle east. The main problem IMHO is what to do with Palestine. My idea was a two-state solution ( exact borders to be determined ) and an international or British...