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  1. Historyman 14

    Exclusion Crisis WI: James exclude from the throne.

    During the rule of Charles II, a crisis broke out when it was discover James, Duke of York (James II and VII), was a Roman Catholic. Parliament tired 3 times to remove him from the line, and put in place Charles's illegitimate – but Protestant – son, the Duke of Monmouth. However, Charles II...
  2. Historyman 14

    WI: Louisiana taken by the British after War of 1812

    (Thoughts between me and @Joshua Ben Ari..) For whatever reason, say America does worst in the War of 1812, leading to the British (Who never saw the Louisiana Purchase as legal.) to take Louisiana. Leading to either... 1: Louisiana is given back to Spain with New Orleans as an...
  3. Historyman 14

    House of Stuart goes extinct before Restoration

    The idea here is simple. All the Stuarts, between the execution of Charles I in 1649 to 1659/1660, all died before they could have a chance to return to power after the death of Cromwell. (Say Charles II is killed following Worcester, etc.) What is the fate of England, Scotland and Ireland...
  4. Historyman 14

    Successful Yıldız: Abdul Hamid killed in 1905

    In 1905, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation tired to assassinated Sultan Abdul Hamid II over his anti-Armenian policies and massacres of Armenians. The ARF planeted explosives in a carriage parked outside the Yıldız mosque where Abdul Hamid pray every Friday. The Sultan would survive...
  5. Historyman 14

    Fate of Vietnam with ealry fall of South.

    The idea here, is either JFK is not assassination (Or lives long enough.) to withdraw America from Vietnam, and cut support to Saigon. Or Nixon wins the 1960 election, and simply throws South Vietnam under the bus. Without American aid, or boots on the ground, the South is unable to hold back...
  6. Historyman 14

    Artabanus V victory at Hormozdgan.

    As it said, if Artabanus was victorious, killing Ardashir, and stillborn the Sasanian Empire. What now? How much time does this gives the Parthians? Another rebel satrap overthrows Parthians, but instead continue the Pro-Hellenism tolerance of the Parthians? (And not the OTL Sasanian Empire...
  7. Historyman 14

    British WI: King George III killed in 1786.

    In 1786, an Englishwoman named Margaret Nicholson attempted to stab King George at St James's Palace, believing herself to be the 'rightful Queen' and all that. But what if the knife was more sharp, and her stabs was fatal? What will happen now?
  8. Historyman 14

    WI/AHC: Romans deal with Persia.

    For the longest time, the Persians was a thorn in the Romans side that only got worst as time went on. First the Parthians, and then the Sasanian Empire seemly became trapped in a cycle of 'tug of war' for the region, first with the Roman Republic, then the Roman Empire, and at last the...
  9. Historyman 14

    No Napoleon III: Return of the Orléans.

    The basic idea Napoleon III is either never return from exile, he breaks his neck escaping in 1846, or he gets kick out of France again in 1848 by the Provisional Government. With this, the Party of Order takes over, and bring back the Kingdom and the Orleanist by the mean of either Prince...
  10. Historyman 14

    Successful August Incident.

    To those who don't know, the August Incident was a failed attempted at removing Kim Il-sung by both Pro-Soviet, and Pro-Chinese Korean factions in part of Khrushchev's Secret Speech and while Kim was in Moscow. However, he learn of the plot once he came back, and carry out purges of the Soviet...
  11. Historyman 14

    TL-191 WI: Union keeps fighting after Camp Hill.

    As it says. Let's say the CSA, even after its decisive victory and occupying Philadelphia, it still does not gain the diplomatic recognition from the United Kingdom and France. At the same time, even with the lost of Camp Hill, Abraham Lincoln still goes forward with the Emancipation...
  12. Historyman 14

    Humayun killed in 1539: Long lasting Sur Empire.

    As it is says, Humayun gets killed at the Battle of Chausa (Or later in 1540), and Sher Shah Suri lives longer, allowing his son Firuz Shah Suri to be older when he becomes Sultan and becomes a strong leader like his father. So what next? Effects of a Sur Empire and the ealry end of the...
  13. Historyman 14

    Politician, Cultural, and Economic effects on the USA if they never join WW1

    As it say. The United States never get into the war in Europe. (No sinking of the Lusitania, no Zimmermann Telegram.) Germany and it allies claim victory over France and the United Kingdom. But what of the USA in itself? How are they affected by this? How would it look like without it joining...
  14. Historyman 14

    Photos of Fatherland

    (Opening post.) Hello. This is going to be like the picture threads about TL-191 and Kaiserreich. Only this time it is about Fatherland, the Cold War, and the horrible truth of the Holocaust. Any photos are fine as long so long it won't get anyone in trouble with the mods and the board and is...
  15. Historyman 14

    DBWI: A Successful 1969 Libyan coup d'état.

    In 1969, a group of rebel military officers led by Muammar Gaddafi launched a coup d'état against King Idri. However, this obviously failed, the Free Officers Movement purge as the military loyal to the King fought back, and Gaddafi was executed. But if the coup was successful, what would become...
  16. Historyman 14

    Teddy Roosevelt runs, and wins 1908 election: What next?

    The basic setup is Teddy goes for it, and runs for a third term in the White House. He wins. So what now? His foreign and domestic policy? The Agadir Crisis? (If not butterfly away.) Does Teddy runs for a fourth term? If not, who wins in 1912? Charles Hughes? Elihu Root? Albert Beveridge...
  17. Historyman 14

    DBWI: George H. W. Bush lost 1992 Election

    The basic idea is Bush losing to Bill Clinton back in 92. How would a Clinton White House look like? What about his policies? Would we seen Mario Cuomo in '96 if Clinton's sex scandals came out of the woodwork as they did in '92?
  18. Historyman 14

    Bill Clinton invades Afghanistan: 1999-2000

    The World Trade Center bombing in 1993, the African embassy bombings in 98, and the bombing of the Cole in 2000 collectively gave the USA sufficient causus belli for Bill Clinton to seriously consider ordering the invasion of Afghanistan. At the same time, Clinton had try several times to kill...
  19. Historyman 14

    The Kennedys with Nixon victory, 1960

    The basic idea is what happens to the Kennedy political family (JFK, Bobby, the rest of them.) if Nixon had won the 1960 election?
  20. Historyman 14

    Cultural affects of no North Korea/Collapsed in the 90s

    Basic idea is what would things look like if either... A: The US and South Korea won the Korean War. Or... B: North Korea collapsed in the 1990s and we have a united Korea down the road. (I know this would have major political affects too, but let's talk about culture first.)