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  1. Egypt doesn't join the 1948 war?

    But what do you think could cause Egypt to not join the war? Would an earlier and messier revolution that caused a civil war in Egypt is possible?
  2. Egypt doesn't join the 1948 war?

    Well not only that, with less pressure from the south Israel could deploy more troops against Jordan amd might take all of the west bank, or at least Judea and Jerusalem.
  3. Egypt doesn't join the 1948 war?

    How can we get Egypt to not join the arab coalition which invaded Israel in 1948? Or at least to minimise it's involvement to the size and strength of Lebanon? The end result would be a much greater Israeli victory, but what other consequences can be for this scenario?
  4. AHC: A state for the Jewish Exilarch

    Actually the Exilarch during the Muslim conquest was given the daughter of the former persian king, so later Exilarchs could actually claim the Persian throan.
  5. Geopolitical impact of a surviving Orleanist France

    Probably the pope as a neutral candidate
  6. Geopolitical impact of a surviving Orleanist France

    Maybe Italy is united more in the line of Germany- a confederation. So we have a Savoyard (or maybe the Pope) as King of Italy, and every small state (or maybe just Savoy, Sicily and the pope) keep its king, just like you had the German emperor and the king of Bavaria.
  7. Independent Sardinia

    In 1353 Marianus IV of Arborea declared war on Aragon and managed to drive the Aragonese out of most of the island. in 1354 Peter IV of Aragon landed with a great army in Porto Conte with the aim of reconquering the city of Alghero, but his siege proved to be a disaster, as malaria raveged his...
  8. Dixieland: The Country of Tomorrow, Everyday (yet another Confederate TL)

    Nice map, but how are the Belgians still holding Katanga? Its landlocked, do they need to go through the German Congo every time? Realistically, they would have sold it a long time ago by now. Also, is Cuba independent here or is it a quasi spanish dominion?
  9. Delayed Italian unification

    Maybe you can have multiple Italys at the same time, all trying to unite the peninsula untill one of them succeed. A north east Savoyard Italy in Turin, a central Habsburg Italy in Firenze, the Pope in Rome and a Bourbon Italy in Naples. Maybe one of them is a republic, one might be communist...
  10. Why didn't the Russians conquer Scandinavia after winning the Great Northern War?

    Well thats even better and makes everything easier. Denmark and Norway have no chance at all against a Russian Swedish union, the Baltic sea is theirs and they have a huge advantage on land.
  11. Why didn't the Russians conquer Scandinavia after winning the Great Northern War?

    Maybe if Russia and Denmark-Norway get into a personal union in the 18th century, they can swallow Sweden together and unite the Baltic sea under one dynasty
  12. Failed islamic conquest of Egypt

    Would it be possible that the Muslim forces are much more successful in Anatolia early on that they don't pay attention to Egypt untill its too late? Lets say that the Byzantines suffer a major defeat and the Muslim rush in to Anatolia right after the Levant, and maybe even manage to take...
  13. Gyðinga Saga - The History of the Jews of Scandinavia

    Sadly,I think you don't understand how the Nazis view jews. It didn't matter what you looked like, it didn't matter who you are, it didn't matter even if your family was baptized to Christianity two hundred years ago. The Jews of Amsterdam and Berlin were taken just the same as the Jews of...
  14. Gyðinga Saga - The History of the Jews of Scandinavia

    Well they could, and probably will. The Karaites were a very small group stack mostly in the crimea, while the Gydes are a huge group living in the homeland of the Aryans, and they seem to always be against Germany. They wouldn't be spared, and I can very much see Hitler pushing the Swedish...
  15. Ahh now I got it This Ahab is this biblical one actually

    Ahh now I got it This Ahab is this biblical one actually
  16. Why? Whales are adorable

    Why? Whales are adorable
  17. Israel Syrian detente in 1975

    Maybe you have no Iranian revolution, so there is less fear of radical shia factions, and so both Syria and Israel ends up agreeing to a shia minority rule of Lebanon. This regime probably have the support of the Druze and part of the Christian population. Both Israel and Syria have an interest...
  18. AHC: 'Taiwan' your country

    Not my TL, but it was a different situation from OTL..
  19. AHC: 'Taiwan' your country

    There was a TL called "fear not the revolution habibi", in which Jordan fell to a Palestinian uprising, and one of the princes was given the west bank by Israel to set up a kingdom of Jordan in exile.
  20. WI Two Jewish States?

    Maybe a TL with no Jordan, and the British establishe one big Jewish state, which later split along the Jordan river between a capitalist and communist states?