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  1. WI Japan had a multi-party system?

    Apologies if a discussion like this has been done before, but how could Japan have developed a solid two-party or multi-party system where either the LDP doesn't assert the dominant position it has in OTL or doesn't ever get formed? And what significant impact would this have on the country...
  2. Vote for your country- WI Nigel Farage died in 2010?

    At 8am on the 6th May 2010, the day of that year's British general election, Nigel Farage, MEP for the minor Eurosceptic party UKIP (the UK Independence Party), set out for his last and arguably most ambitious piece of campaigning. Assisted by a stunt pilot, Justin Adams, he flew over the fields...
  3. The Ultimate Lib Dem U-Turn

    "This could be the first time in a generation that a heel turn by a party is anything other than asking for trouble. The Liberal Democrats are still languishing in the polls, and many who voted for them are disillusioned. But having been strange bedfellows with the Tories, and seeing the harm...
  4. President Marshall?

    I was thinking about something. In 1919, after Wilson's stroke, suppose figures in Congress had been able to persuade Marshall to replace him as President (possibly by him being less reluctant, or by him trusting the sources that told him how bad a state Wilson was in). How could this have...
  5. House of Commons under the Wyoming Rule

    I was thinking a little about the Wyoming Rule, a proposal for reapportionment of US Congressional districts. The sum required would be to calculate the total electorate divided by the smallest possible unit to get the total number of constituencies, then round that number to the nearest whole...
  6. A Tory government in 1929-31

    Something I've been curious about for a while is what might have happened if Stanley Baldwin had secured enough seats in 1929 to return to government. It seems somewhat feasible given that the Conservatives won a plurality of the vote ahead of Labour. Fundamentally, I have two questions...
  7. WI: Rockefeller got the Republican nomination in 1964?

    I know this has probably been discussed before, but if Rockefeller had managed to beat Goldwater for the Republican nomination (probably the most obvious POD I can think of is him not marrying Happy), how would it have changed the 1964 election and the future of American politics?
  8. WI: Brown calls an election in 2007

    Probably been done before, but it's an intriguing concept to me. What if Gordon Brown had called a snap election in 2007 to seek a personal mandate? Could he have held on on the back of the Brown bounce? Would there have been a coalition of some kind? Any thoughts are welcome.
  9. US Congressional Constituencies

    Suppose the US House of Representatives elected Members to represent Congressional Districts which were named for the areas they cover (a la UK constituencies or Canadian ridings) instead of being numbered? Anyone interested in helping make some maps of them? (Obviously this doesn't really...
  10. prime-minister's boundary review

    So I've been using the Boundary Assistant Plan Builder to create a possible near-future UK constituency map. I'm starting by uploading the full map, and future posts will focus in on each county. CONTEXTUAL EVENTS: Scotland has left the United Kingdom. The 600-seat review has been rejected a...
  11. Tory Majority in 1929

    What PoD would be needed to give the Tories an overall majority in 1929, and what would have followed?
  12. The Great Reform Act loses its second reading

    Idk if this is already a thread, but what if the Great Reform Act had been defeated in 1831 on its second reading (since it passed by just one vote in OTL)?
  13. UK Boundary Review Constituencies

    I'm currently working on making a map of the 2012 Boundary Commission proposals to reduce the UK House of Commons to 600 seats, since there isn't currently one which can be easily edited etc. It's taking a while to make, so I'm uploading the individual counties one by one. And where better to...
  14. US Presidential Election Maps- Progressives and Democrats

    A thread based on doing Presidential elections in a TL which Teddy Roosevelt is elected in 1912 (ASBs or no ASBs), the Republicans dissolve and then either join the Democrats (moving them to the right) or the Progressives. As for who goes which way, that's probably a case-by-case thing (e.g. the...
  15. 2013 UK Boundary Review Map

    Does anyone have a map of the 600-constituency boundary review planned in the last Parliament? I've seen the interactive map versions but none of them can be easily edited.
  16. WI: No UK election in 1931

    Suppose MacDonald had managed to hold on in 1931 and the National Government had not come into being in the same way it did?
  17. Prime Minister Smith

    I'm surprised this doesn't seem to have been done- what if John Smith had either survived or not had his fatal heart attack and led Labour into government in 1997 (as we can be fairly sure he would've done)?
  18. Kinnock resigns in 1987

    I'm not totally sure how plausible an argument this is TBH, but what if Kinnock had resigned as Labour leader after losing in 1987, either by choice or just being ousted?
  19. Portillo as Tory Leader

    Suppose either Michael Portillo had kept his seat in 1997 and won the leadership or he had outlasted one of IDS or Clarke to get it in 2001?
  20. Random ideas for new UK Parliament constituencies

    If you could change around the boundaries of the UK's constituencies, where would you create new ones? As an example of what I mean, here's one: Isle of Ely Original constituencies: parts of North West, North East, South and South East Cambridgeshire Boundary: