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  1. Viscount of Ohio

    WI: Dictator Attempts to Use Cloning to Preserve Himself in the 2000s

    Fair was where it's due, my impression of the OP question was more or less "Dictator WANTS to do this, regardless of if the technology for it is there." Cloning I could see being made to work with, like you said, a substantial budget and lack of ethical concerns. Consciousness transfer, the...
  2. Viscount of Ohio

    European Buddhism in a world without Christianity or Islam?

    Not sure if someone has asked this already, but as someone with a Laymen's or lower understanding of both, could you elaborate?
  3. Viscount of Ohio

    AHC: Proto-Communism before the Industrial Revolution.

    You had me right up until that last part. If it's negotiable, I might be convinced.
  4. Viscount of Ohio

    How do we know there wasn't an advanced civilization on earth 12,000 years ago?

    Very much suddenly reminded of an online Steampunk\Fantasy RPG I played in, the admin, when describing "Primitive Artisan" as a potential focus basically said, that the title referred only to the TOOLS you employed and the actual work could be wonderfully sophisticated and complex.
  5. Viscount of Ohio

    How do we know there wasn't an advanced civilization on earth 12,000 years ago?

    I'm reminded of a line from that "China, Illinois" show with a character talking to an ancient alien/conspiracy theorist type. "Don't judge others based on your limitations."
  6. Viscount of Ohio

    AHC: U.S. gov't goes hardcore against Church of Scientology regarding "Operation Snow White."

    I would definitely read this story, or watch it as a mini-series or docudrama.
  7. Viscount of Ohio

    MMA without WW2

    Weren't they already doing that even in the 1880s and 1890s, though? When E.W. Barton-Wright was trying to promote his 'Bartitsu' (which was, essentially, a system of cross-training between Wrestling, Boxing, La Savate, La Canne, and Judo/Jiu-Jitsu) he actively promoted several Japanese Judo...
  8. Viscount of Ohio

    WI: Jack the Ripper caught?

    I'm not especially well-versed in Ripper-ology and I might be quoting an Urban Legend, but, isn't the story that just before the end of the Ripper's murders Arthur Conan Doyle's medical professor (Joseph Bell) actually provided assistance to the police? Some stories even say he'd given a letter...
  9. Viscount of Ohio

    Plausibility check: Colonial power controls Japan?

    Kind of like Japan did with the Ryukyu kingdom? Of course, Japan kept them nominally independent because they needed to use them as a middle-man to trade with China after they cut ties with Japan.
  10. Viscount of Ohio

    WI: Hitler Escaped

    I wonder... would the potential child of Eva and Adolf end up being taken in by that nephew who immigrated to the United States (his family currently lives under another name, connection to Hitler generally unknown to the public. (Wonder if the family is aware!)
  11. Viscount of Ohio

    WI: Hitler Escaped

    This could work. Take the Thomas Gage example. If he takes a blow to the head, one could argue it wonks his mind just enough to strengthen his desire for self-preservation. Maybe he gets the idea to fight from exile.
  12. Viscount of Ohio

    Ryukyu Kingdom has Taiwan?

    This thread has me kind of interested, actually. I've kind of been wondering if there was any way that the Ryukyu kingdom might have remained independent (beyond some Hideyoshi butterflies). Perhaps even managing to become a minor regional power?
  13. Viscount of Ohio

    Wow! Alien Signal Confirmed: A Collaborative TL

    I'm gonna have to catch up with this thread, but in case it hasn't been said yet, (and it should) I'm wondering a bit what impact this is gonna have on various comic book characters? Maybe in one of the updated versions of Superman's origin (Birthright, perhaps? It was a reboot of his origin...
  14. Viscount of Ohio

    nightmare nations

    YLi, I play in a comic book RPG elsewhere, and they seem to love creating elseworld stories placing heroes into horrifying dystopian worlds (There's one out there with a futuristic 'Batman' heir who ritualistically mutilates and hypnotises civilians in order to recreate the real Batman's...
  15. Viscount of Ohio

    Alternate super-heros/comics

    Actually, that IS one of the world's in the new DC Multiverse. Superman is Ubermensch, Batman is Fledermaus, etc. etc. Superman is still Superman though. He understands that this 'utopia' was built on the suffering of millions and has resigned himself to just trying to make this world as decent...
  16. Viscount of Ohio

    Alternate super-heros/comics

    I don't know, couldn't you just alter her mythological origin a tad? Give Wonder Woman more of a Norse influence? On that note, I think they'd end up trumping Aquaman into their big hero in a Nazi Victory timeline. He was from Atlantis, and didn't the Nazis determine that was the origin of the...
  17. Viscount of Ohio

    The Republic of Ezo

    Well, for a while it was controlled by the Ainu, a separate Ethnic group, so I suppose it was seen as it's own thing. From what I know of it's history it wasn't annexed/put under the administration of the Colonization office until after the Boshin War. So to an extent, I suppose Ezochi/Hokkaido...
  18. Viscount of Ohio

    The Republic of Ezo

    Maverick: I was thinking something along those lines. The French military aides had resigned their posts in the French army and helped the Japanese of their own accord, however if they pulled some of their strings it's possible they could have at least gotten some supplies from France I suppose...
  19. Viscount of Ohio

    The Republic of Ezo

    I'm thinking of attempting to do an actual timeline and the subject in question is something that I'm relatively uninformed about but that interests me quite a bit. The Republic of Ezo was established during the Boshin War (1868-1869) the Japanese Admiral Enomoto Takeaki retreated to the island...
  20. Viscount of Ohio

    Masked Vigilantes

    Well, to be fair there ARE some superhero groups out there, although they aren't nearly as impressive as their counterparts in comic books. This is actually a subculture that fascinates me, whether it be Green Scorpion over in Arizona, or the 'Xtreme Justice...