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  1. Alternate Electoral Maps II

    Unrelated, but I just realized I've trained my mind to switch which colors seem naturally whenever I see this base map.
  2. WI: Larger Stimulus passed in 2009

    The politics of a larger stimulus is difficult. A lot of it is that frankly there just wasn't an appreciation yet for how bad the recession was getting. There's the oft attacked "Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" report from Obama's incoming economic council on the...
  3. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    Seems you've set it up well that Crete could be included in any eventual peace settlement. Egyptians don't maintain ownership of the island and the local rebels control the western portions of the island.
  4. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    Just wanted to say I've been reading this the last week or so and have enjoyed it immensly. Keep up the good work! It's also led me to start looking at my book on the Greek War of Independence again. Which I swear is just a tale of one civil war and bankruptcy after another. That this Greece...
  5. Why did North America have the devastating ACW, and Europe no comparable thing?

    The Crimean War? That was almost entirely in the Western World wasn't it? The BBC pegs the human toll as: