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  1. Indiana Beach Crow

    Ocean of Storms: A Timeline of A Scientific America

    'Astronaut Mike Dexter' you say?
  2. Indiana Beach Crow

    Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    The Averof is tough enough to handle anyone who manages to get in to the Indian Ocean.
  3. Indiana Beach Crow

    Flame thrower survives as a viable weapon till now

    I remember reading that the Marine Corps estimate for the combat life expectancy of a flamethrower operator during the Pacific Campaign was somewhere around four minutes.
  4. Indiana Beach Crow

    Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    One artist's impression of the shooting:
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    Until every drop of blood is paid - A more radical American Civil War

    Simon Cameron doesn't really have much of a reputation to protect at this point if he's anything like his OTL self. His corruption was so notorious that when Rep. Thaddeus Stevens was asked whether Cameron would steal Stevens said: "I don't think that he would steal a red hot stove." Cameron...
  6. Indiana Beach Crow

    Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    He obviously didn't read the warning label, or else he would have known that was a step too far:
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    What if the first man on the moon fell out before stepping on the moon?

    Michael Collins suggestion to Neil Armstrong for his first words on the moon was "If you had any balls, you'd say 'Oh, my God, what is that thing?' then scream and cut your mike."
  8. Indiana Beach Crow

    Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    '46 was probably the Red Sox best chance to win out all the years they had Ted on the roster, but Enos Slaughter's mad dash from first was the end of that. The rest of the time they had Williams, barring when he was back in fighter plane, the Red Sox were fighting with one hand tied behind their...
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    Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Ted Williams actual life story sounds like one of those career plans you come up with when you were eight years old: "I want to be the best hitter ever in baseball, who hits a home run in his last at bat, who's also a fighter pilot who's wingman is John Glenn, and when I retire from baseball I...
  10. Indiana Beach Crow

    TLIAW: Tear Out A Man's Tongue

    Archimedes Leonidas Attilio Patti deserves to be President just on the basis of awesome name alone.
  11. Indiana Beach Crow

    DBWI No moustache rule

    I don't want to imagine giving Sgt. Major's one more thing to terrorize soldiers about:
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    Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    I thought that was a requirement.
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    Would a Manchurian identity develop if Manchukuo survives?

    So what you're saying is, there's not a lot of Manchurian candidates left?
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    This... may be from a slightly dated episode, since the scene also includes this:
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    "I give you the jury of the damned. Benedict Arnold, Lizzie Borden, Richard Nixon... John Wilkes Booth, Blackbeard the Pirate, John Dillinger, and the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers."
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    Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    "We have a deal running right now where if you buy ten, you get the eleventh one free." US Navy: "I'll take twenty."
  17. Indiana Beach Crow

    Year of the Jinx - An AH story/timeline by Geon

    A reenactment of Halsey's statement, with the Japanese response:
  18. Indiana Beach Crow

    The Twin Vipers: A TL of the Berlin-Moscow Axis

    With a less discombobulated British defense industry (no Dunkirk disaster, so no mass postponements of planned equipment in favor of "what can we get right now") the Meteor is probably ahead of OTL schedule.