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  1. Could Lusitania and Titanic Have Survived The Disaster Of Their Opposite?

    Maybe but there is some things we can use to make a pretty good guess such as the destruction of lifeboat 5 and the fact that survivors from boiler rooms 1 and 2 both reported seeing blast effects and those two rooms almost immediately flooded whereas rooms both forward and aft of those rooms...
  2. Could Lusitania and Titanic Have Survived The Disaster Of Their Opposite?

    Nah according to the latest research the torpedo hit too far aft for it to be the ammo. Well that and the list she took on suggests that more than one coal bunker was opened to the sea. Personally I believe that the second explosion was either the steam line failing or one or two of the boilers...
  3. Why is there Titanic so well known compared to other sinking ships?

    To be fair that one has the misfortune of a) the sank like a stone problem and b) happening a couple of months before a even greater tragedy.
  4. Why is there Titanic so well known compared to other sinking ships?

    Basically? She sank quickly enough that other ships couldn't get there in time to get everyone off*, but not so quick that the sinking was over and done in a short amount of time. Y'know there was time for drama and heroic sacrifice. *Well except for the SS Californian but that's a whole...
  5. Which ship would become an ATL "Titanic" if the namesake ship hasn't sunk in 1912?

    The trouble is you have to have a disaster where the lack of lifeboats actually matters. With something like the Lusitania or the Empress of Ireland or even the Imperator scenario suggested above, the ships sink too quickly. You'd need something like the Titanic disaster or a shorter Republic...
  6. AHC: Australia achieves marriage equality considerably earlier.

    Or Howard could win '96 but lose '98. I mean even in OTL it was damn close, the ALP did win the popular vote.
  7. White Star and Titanic, What Could have Been

    No, that would have been worse then useless. Firstly the watertight doors would have shut automatically when the water reached them and secondly even if they could have kept the doors open she would have lost power an hour after the collision and would have rolled over and sank within an hour...
  8. White Star and Titanic, What Could have Been

    There is a chance that a private collector could have a copy, but it's not likely.
  9. White Star and Titanic, What Could have Been

    Not really. All the reports that I have seen from the time said that other then her stern post, which was ten years younger then the rest of the ship, the Olympic was in really good nick, certainly better then the Majestic or the Berengaria. The main problem with her was that she was a older...
  10. White Star and Titanic, What Could have Been

    From what I've read the footage was lost either in WWII when Belfast was flattened during the blitz or when a IRA bomb took out a decent chunk of the Harland & Wolff archives in the '70's.
  11. Challenge: Give These One Hit/One Album Wonders Sustained Success

    He did. Keep in mind he's one of those ones that had hits in his home country before making it in the US.
  12. Massively Multiplayer: Gaming In The New Millennium

    Or in the case of the PAL regions, what the hell is a Final Fantasy? :p
  13. AHC: Uber Australia

    Let's see. First off you would have to include NZ and let's say Fiji as well in the Federation, which will help. Then somehow have the White Australia Policy not get past Parliament, having New Zealand would help with that. Then somehow have PNG be integrated into Australia, that would boost the...
  14. Commercially succesful SS Great Eastern

    It would have probably helped if she stuck to the Australian run.
  15. What if the HMHS Britannic had beached on Kea?

    I suppose you could have it detonate higher up on the side of the ship. That might be enough for the No'6 watertight door to close and at the very least it should keep the fireman's tunnel from instantly flooding, which would help keep her afloat.
  16. WI U Boat does not spot Lusitania

    Actually no that's not true. Well OK yeah it was carrying ammo but it was a,) rifle ammo which wouldn't cause an explosion like what the second explosion was and b,) the second blast was too far aft to be the cargo blowing up. Personally I believe that the second blast was a couple steam bursting.
  17. The Biden Express: Derailed

    Huh so I take it Port Arthur still happened ITTL?
  18. The Whale has Wings

    To be fair to the captain of the Britannic had people kept the E-deck portholes shut, she probably would have made it to shore.