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  1. More divided post-British India

    So was French west Africa ... :) I'd hardly consider Vijaynagar a "pan-Indian" entity. And a divided India _is_ a historically typical India. Now, if you want to argue that the Mughal Empire created a sense of pan-Indian unity or that their court culture helped create something of a new...
  2. More divided post-British India

    I'll note that French west Africa didn't lead to a unified Islamic Sahel: I have the impression that this was due at least in part to the French administration following a fairly strict localism in hiring Africans for lower level government positions, so no pan-Sahelian experienced "political...
  3. More divided post-British India

    I see there's a recent thread on a unified sub-continent: have there been threads on the opposite, India leaving British rule as more than the two (disregarding Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc,) states of OTL Pakistan (later Pakistan and Bangladesh) and India? Of course, if Britain didn't sweep the...
  4. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    CourageousLife got first place, Zek Sora second, Doctor President third. (It came in last, but DPKdebator's map caught my attention, because while there are a lot of maps wanking states, or creating entirely new ones, but fewer with pre-existing states ceasing to exist while their land remains...
  5. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    CourageousLife: The POD for this map centers around the early 1770's, when the American Revolution begins to boil over. The British increase taxes for the 13 colonies, as well as those nearby, such as Nova Scotia (sometimes considered the '14th colony'), Newfoundland, and Quebec, to...
  6. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    DPKdebator: Vermont has a unique feature in its history, namely that it is one of the only states in the country to have been a sovereign nation at one point. The state was admitted in 1791, as the first state not to be one of the thirteen colonies, after New York conceded its claims to the...
  7. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    JoeyB2198: The Ukraine War (February 1919 – May 1922) was an armed conflict that pitted Soviet Russia against the united forces of the Second Polish Republic and the Ukrainian People's Republic. The conflict began when the Polish head of state Józef Piłsudski formed an alliance with the...
  8. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Doctor President: The POD for this scenario is that the Yugoslav Chetniks are an actual competent anti-fascist resistance movement instead of mostly collaborating with the Axis. Although they are firmly anti-communist, they manage to generally collaborate with Tito’s Partisans for most of the...
  9. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Zek Sora: United Nations Transitional Authority in Somalia I thought that since UNOSOM II (United Nations Operation in Somalia II) was generally regarded as a success, it met the standards of the prompt. This version of UNOSOM II is much more successful, as President Clinton doesn't...
  10. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    MotF 140: Divide and Conquer The Challenge Make a map showing an alternate distribution of land after a conflict (EDIT: or land dispute) with the same victors as OTL. Examples would include a different division of Germany after WWI, or an alternate Reconstruction period after the Civil War.
  11. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Rubberduck3y6 was first, Stuyvesant second, lock third.
  12. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Rubberduck3y6: The Independent State of California was one of the countries to emerge from the collapse of the United States during an alternate 1990s. It was inspired by Dani California by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (hence the large amount of red!).
  13. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    black_0: Ashes in the Sky by Loudness Here is a map of post-apocalyptic Japan featuring ultranationalist Japanese Empire fueled by radical branch of Nichirenism, theocratic Holy League of Tenri (Tenrikyo's focus on healing really helped them grow in the post-war years), agrarian and...
  14. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Don Quijote: Will Grigg's on fire, your defence is terrified!
  15. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    lock: Roll on (Eighteen Wheeler) -- by Alabama This is a great little mid-80s country song that tells a great little story. The map shows why the jack-knifed rig ended up in a snowbank in Illinois. Lyrics and an audio link are below. Roll on (Eighteen Wheeler) -- Alabama Roll on...
  16. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Stuyvesant: "New York State of Mind" This song was written at a time when arguably New York was at its lowest point, crime was high, the City was in debt, and people were moving for the Sun Belt in droves. But the point is New York can always bounce back, and to do New York justice, this is...
  17. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    And of course the internet went down entirely last night. Feh. MotF 139: Feel the Rhythm The Challenge Make a map based on a song. :eek: Doesn't necessarily have to be about history, although it should of course be adapted into a map.
  18. WIP Map Thread

    Judge Dredd setting. Yellow borders indicate mega-cities: black with green edges indicate areas rendered toxic by radiation, chemical, and biochemical weapons. Grey with white borders indicate destroyed mega-cities. (May change the color scheme later).
  19. Rememberences of Map Contests Past

    Sorry it's been so long since an update - I have been having some trouble with my internet connectivity, which makes it a pain to upload a bunch of maps at once. Tomorrow I shall try to get at least to MoTF 140, even if it takes a while.
  20. WIP Map Thread

    I have more WIPS than Indiana Jones.