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  1. Brahuis in Madagascar instead of Malays

    The most recent research into Madagascar and its Austronesian population indicates that they are descendant of impressed non-maritime people (barito speakers from borneo in this case) that formed the majority of Austronesian crews of this period. This seems to have been common practice, all the...
  2. The Last Maurician

    You really have a talent for writing, I'm loving the cheap drama and suspense I most definitely didn't come to an AH forum for. :)
  3. The Last Maurician

    I must admit I'm not usually into this kind of novelized AltHistory, but you've got me hooked here! You have talent for creating characters and their interactions in a way that makes the reader really care.
  4. AHC: Less Arabised Al-Andalus

    All Goths with any semblance of power remaining had long converted to Islam already. From there they arabised and disappeared as an ethnic group very quickly. I do think you are on to something regarding supporting the berbers against the arabs. The result of this would very likely be a Mulladi...
  5. AHC: Less Arabised Al-Andalus

    As it was, Al-Alndalus was already very autonomous, and only became more so with time. It still arabaised very throughtly. Even though the locals were discriminated against even if they converted, by the later period the bast majority were arabic speakers and had a made-up arab geneology. I'd...
  6. The Last Maurician

    Roman Civil War: Kindergarrten version
  7. Christian Turks

    A big part of the reason Islam "won" in the Turkic steppe was because the Samanids crushed the Nestorian Turks of Talas. That opened up the possibility of a Muslim Khanate that could, and did, replace Iranian rule.
  8. The Last Maurician

    This whole conflict is so hilarious in how Liliputtian it is. Three abandoned statelets preparing for civil war. Quintessentially Roman, really.
  9. AHC: Less Arabised Al-Andalus

    What POD would be necessary in order to have Al-Andalus retain more of its pre-conquest languages and culture, like in Persia?
  10. Trajan and Hadrian era historians? Can anyone give me some names?

    Oh I know not much has survided. What I'm looking for is for a historian or writer who lived at the time, who will have his life changed by TTL's events and end up writing a historical account, so my narrator can say "accordidng to this guy...". After doing some reading I think I will go with...
  11. Trajan and Hadrian era historians? Can anyone give me some names?

    I am currently working on a Roman timeline with POD during Trajans Parthian campaign, and I'm writing with a pseudo-academic narration. I find myself in need of people who can act as TTL's historians and be sources for my narrator. Seeing as I'm replacing Hadrian with someone else, it doesn't...
  12. WI Earlier Invention of Chinampas in Mesoamerica

    Which of the two would have higher yields, though? If labour intensity weren't a factor, would this system still be an improvement to the irrigated form of agriculture practices by the settlers?
  13. Turkish speaking Christian Balkans

    Whose nationalism? Practically the entirety of the Christian Turkish population sided with Turkey and broke ties with the patriarchate of Constantinople, and many, many more Greek Muslims actively faught for Greece during the war than did for Turkey. They were told to eat a dick afterwards, but...
  14. Simple discoveries that would radically change ancient times or middle ages?

    Not so much discovery as widespread distribution, but I would definitely say an earlier vulcanization of rubber. The mesoamericans were already doing some form of it 3000 years ago, by mixing it with sulfur-containing plants and other ingridients. The implications for industrial developments are...
  15. When did Sogdian language go extinct?

    I'd argue that the Iranian intermezzo is what did most hard to the smaller Iranian languages by bringing about Persianisation to Bactria and Sogdia. I think it is well attested that at least in the urbanized parts of what is today northern Afghanistan Dari Persian replaced previous languages.
  16. AHC: Improve sanitation in the High Middle Ages

    The amount of fuel required for boiling water is negligeble, specially as the fire can be used to heat both a pot and a kettle simultaneously. There must also had been much greater use of timber during winter to keep warm than the small bit used for cooking.
  17. AHC: Improve sanitation in the High Middle Ages

    You could go a long way by giving Europeans a taste for a local infusion, having it become even more ubiquitous as a drink than water. This happening in much of Asia with tea may have significantly reduced mortality by causing people to drink boiled water, instead of the one they got from the...
  18. WI Greater Bosnia?

    Increase the Muslim population somehow. Have the Ottomans deport multiple small Muslim minorities to mixed religion areas of the slavic Balkans. Say, a small bunch of Crimeans, a few Circasians and some Kurds here and there. A small enough amount that they can be expected to intermarry and...
  19. Your Favorite Barbarian Invaders

    The Scots. Invaded Caledonia so hard the natives are nowhere to be seen, and the place is now named after them.
  20. AHC: Domesticated African Buffalo

    European societies didn't need to domesticate the wisent, nor the auroux all over, as domesticated cattle spread from the near east and into Europe. I'm actually quite doubtful that early European societies (during periods of low urbanization, at least), would had been capeble of what we see in...