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  1. minifidel

    A New World Wreathed in Freedom - An Argentine Revolution TL
    Threadmarks: 1 - May Revolution

    Chapter 1 - May Revolution The May Revolution When the news of the fall of the Junta of Seville arrived in Buenos Aires in the middle of May aboard British ships, rumors immediately started spreading in the city about the implications despite the best efforts of colonial authorities. Chief...
  2. minifidel

    Dominion of the River Platte - An English Colony in South America
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    A beautiful flag provided to me by an internet friend many, many years ago; if you recognize the handiwork, please let me know so I can give proper credit! Hello, and welcome to my first crack at alternate history! This is an idea I've been marinating for nearly a decade by this point, and I'm...
  3. minifidel

    WI: Cicero survives

    Rather simple WI that could have rather significant ramifications: what if Cicero had lived past 43 BCE? Now, he was already 63 at the time, so it's perhaps far fetched to think he could survive too much longer, but it's an interesting idea all the same. Admittedly, it's a bit difficult to...
  4. minifidel

    WI: A rival for the Early Roman Republic

    Okay, I'm thinking of starting a new timeline project involving the Early Roman Republic. My idea is really quite simple: Rome has to focus more energy on Italy, slowing its conquest of other regions, because it has a serious rival to contend with and can't turn its back as much. What I'd like...
  5. minifidel

    Presidential Numbering

    What if the US made a habit of numbering their presidents, like monarchies do with their kings and queens? I've gone ahead and drawn up a list; for the purposes of this list, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are counted as James and William, respectively: George I Washington John I Adams...
  6. minifidel

    WI: A British King on the River Plate?

    Argentina was traditionally very close to the UK, which has in general been rather supportive of Argentina in an attempt to get access to its markets, but most importantly, to the River Plate, which grants access to a huge amount of South America's heartland up the Parana and Uruguay Rivers...
  7. minifidel

    Map Continuation 3 - China

    Since China has been divided, and there's no discussion ongoing in the wiki (, I think we should start this thread and try and work out a proper history for China. I was thinking that, since the PoD hasn't been clearly defined, we can assume (for now) that the...
  8. minifidel

    WI: Roman Federal Republic

    As I was thinking about one of the weaknesses of the Roman Republic, the huge need for appointed positions (who often had near-absolute power in their provinces) such as Pro-Consuls or Pro-Praetors, I had an idea: what if the Roman Republic had allowed Provinces to elect their own governments up...
  9. minifidel

    WI: Boulanger becomes President of France

    In 1883, a French General, Boulanger, came dangerously close to taking over the republic. Operating on a platform oddly reminiscent of fascism (nationalism, pluralism, militarism), he was seen as a perfect solution to republican instability at the time. What if Boulanger had become president...