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  1. WI: Would The Beatles be as successful if they were women?

    Well, considering that the OTL Bangles got there start as part of the Paisley Underground (Which was a deliberate throwback to Sixties sounds and fashions), these female Beatles (Call them the Ladybirds) would probably sound like the albums All Over The Place and Different Light, as sent back in...
  2. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    I have a wild, wacky idea: Base the sequel on Virgil's Anaeid.
  3. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    And that would preclude a sequel how? Consider that Star Battleship Yamato/Star Blazer had a beginning, a middle, and an end, and yet it got a sequel, too.
  4. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    Well, my first draft of that spot featured Chang asking Treize how many people had died due to his orders in the White Fang War, and getting a straight, precise answer down to the ones digit. I decided I preferred the seeming non-sequitur question from Heero when spoken out of context, so that...
  5. PC:Nicholas II industrializes Russia like Stalin

    Not possible unless the Japanese Pearl Harbor Vladivostok. Even the old nobility would side with the Social Democrats in that sort of scenario.
  6. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    Pretty certain that Zeta Gundam was the gloomiest series of the Universal Century continuity, though Victory Gundam comes close. And in this version, Kamille actually dies! If the Gundam Vs. and Dynasty Warriors Gundam game series actually still happen TTL, you can bet developers will find...
  7. Save one Pagan Religion to the modern-day

    Well, the best way for that to happen is to create some Irish version of the Yamato Clan that unites the island sometime between Constantine's withdrawal of the Legions from Britain and the Fall of Rome, preferably after an aborted Late Roman attempt at conquest of Ireland. This united Ireland...
  8. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    We've been praying for you, or at least I have.
  9. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    Still need to do something about that five o'clock shadow.
  10. What if Operation Barbarossa succeeded in 1941 thanks to Hitler taking Moscow?

    A non-diversion of Army Group Center to Kiev is insufficient by itself to take Moscow, especially as early as August. To make that work, the real POD must be much earlier, sometime between 1935 and 1937, when the Wehrmacht standardizes on a series of truck patterns for all branches of service...
  11. Shinkansen build as a maglev

    Except that the principles and techniques to make it work without breaking the bank only date to the late Eighties.
  12. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Do we still call it by that pointer when someone manages to put on prose or blank verse stage productions of Braveheart, Rob Roy, The Bruce, Scotland the Brave, or Tristan and Isolde that run on Broadway, the West End, and Downtown L.A.?
  13. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    I'm quite certain Robert Downey Jr. could pull off Clark Kent quite well, and, considering how ripped he was able to get for Iron Man II and subsequent Marvel Cinematic Universe films, he could wear the spandex and completely disappear into the part completely, well for green screen anyway. The...
  14. AHC: US Army adopt HK G3

    Considering that the standard ball for .308 Winchester featured 160 grains of bullet and 54 grains of propellent (down only10 and 6 from .30-06), it's obvious at its overall mass and weight distribution that the only way it could have been fired controllably at full rock and roll stock is prone...
  15. How could Soccer could have become more popular in the USA?

    If you want to know what's wrong with Major League Soccer as a concept, here are four major examples: DC United (as a charter team, and not formed from the merger of two or more previous teams) Real Salt Lake (out and out saying that the NBA in general and the Utah Jazz in particular are as...
  16. DBWI:Jimi Hendrix died in 1970?

    Jimi Hendrix went back to Fender? How? Unless you mean that wacky backwards strung right-hand body Stratocaster with those DiMarzio Wheel-Arch Classic(R) pickups and Gotoh exposed gear locking tuners in American, Mexican, and Squier versions. But I thought that was just a gimmick. According...
  17. AHC: Have Disney and Warner Bros. Merge Together

    The problem is that Jack Warner thought that Walt had no real sense of humor, and to him (Jack), almost all the jokes in Disney cartoons (except Horace Horsecollar) fell flat, while Walt and Roy thought the Warner Brothers had no empathy, and that Bob Clampet, Fritz Freling, and Chuck Jones were...
  18. Did the "Communist threat" really enable the Nazi takeover?

    On the contrary, so long as Goering, Rosenberg, von Ludendorf, and Streicher are in the party in prominent roles, all of the industrialists and conservatives with two or more brain cells to rub together will be able to conclude that the second word in the party's name, like Rhoem and the...
  19. AHC: Turkey joins the Axis in/by 1940

    What is needed is the cultivation of a Pro-German clique among up-an-coming functionaries and mid-level military officers in Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's government, that can communicate freely with each other and the German Nazi Party but still have plausible deniability to Ataturk himself and his...