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  1. Capuleten

    WI: The Mensheviks Don't Support the War

    IOTL, one major reason for the collapse of popular support for the less radical Mensheviks was the Menshevik support under the leadership of Irakli Tsereteli for continuation of the war. Though the Mensheviks did not want annexations, they also weren't willing to lose vast tracts of Russian...
  2. Capuleten

    Elizabethan "Musicals"

    So I was saw Something Rotten today. I think anyone familiar with the show knows where this is going now. If you aren't familiar with it, it is, keeping spoilers to the minimum, the story of how a down-on-his luck poet creates a musical to combat Shakespeare's fame and fortune and maybe secure...
  3. Capuleten

    Considering the Panic of 1857, would Pres. Frémont have caused a Civil War?

    What it says on the tin. The Panic of 1857 briefly collapsed the industrial Northern economy and left the South comparitavely untouched, boosting the South's feelings that the North would be crippled without them and would give in more to their demands. So would a President Frémont have caused a...
  4. Capuleten

    WI: "Real" Toledo War

    In case you don't know, the Toledo War was a boundary dispute between Michigan and Ohio upon Michigan's impending statehood. Due to some weird surveying, a strip of land including Toledo was claimed by both Ohio and Michigan. A team of self-proclaimed diplomats was sent (I forgot which state...
  5. Capuleten

    AHC: Indian Bourbons on a European Throne

    So, wild, probably nigh-impossible challenge: get an Indian Bourbon on the throne of some European kingdom, whether it be France or not, sometime after the fall of the Bourbons IOTL. For those who don't know, the Indian Bourbons are a branch of the family (or at least claimed branch of the...
  6. Capuleten

    No Nation-State?

    With a PoD after the founding of the Roman Empire, is it possible to prevent the concept of a "nation-state" from arising? What I mean by that is preventing ethnicity-based, well-defined states becoming the global norm, like they did after Western conquest IOTL. Please educate me if I...
  7. Capuleten

    WI: No Soft Drinks?

    What if soft drinks (cola, ginger ale, root beer, etc.) had never been invented. For the sake of the thought exercise, let's say that once soda water was invented, it was still used "medicinally." However, different spices and nasty tasting medications were put in it at first, tarnishing its...
  8. Capuleten

    AHC and WI:- Surviving Newhaven Colony

    In 1638, on the tail end of the other New England colonies being established, an extreme Puritan colony called New Haven (capital New Haven) was founded without a charter in order to attempt an even closer church-state relationship than in Massachusetts Bay, which was famed for its religious...
  9. Capuleten

    AHC: Canals in Washington, D.C.

    Okay, so hear me out. Keep in mind, these are not the grand plans for a Potomac canal system for goods-shipping that I'm talking about. These are not the vast, continent-carving canals people on this site have wet dreams about. This is in a much smaller scale. This is like Venice. So, I was...
  10. Capuleten

    Not Quite a Monarch: A Semi-Dystopic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter One

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my very first timeline! I thought it might be fitting for the 4th of July to start on my first timeline: an American one. The format for this TL will be a mixture of dryer, more textbook-like pieces to move the story along and smaller, more personal narrative...
  11. Capuleten

    A World Without Firearms (FOR LONGER)

    The idea of exploding your gunpowder inside of a metal tube to propel a small piece of metal at your enemy is not exactly the most obvious way to use it. The most obvious use of gunpowder, and the one that the Chinese used for centuries, was rocketry and flame-throwers. I believe that if Europe...
  12. Capuleten

    WI: Kato Svanidze, Stalin's First Wife, Lives On

    "This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity." - Joseph Stalin, on the death of his first wife, Kato Svanidze. What if Svanidze lives a full life instead of dying of tuberculosis? It seems that, while Stalin had already met Lenin and...
  13. Capuleten

    Question About Gunpowder Plot

    Would a successful Gunpowder Plot, which blew up the House of Lords and the King, cause the idea of similar tactics to become more widespread in Europe and its colonies? And not just in political situations, but also in churches, mosques, schools, and the like? In short, do you think a...
  14. Capuleten

    AHC: Keep Disco From Happening

    Keep the disco movement from happening and saturating the 70's with synth beats using any means possible as long as it only changes the music industry (No "America loses WWII.") Also, bonus points if your PoD is after 1970. How I would go about it is have AIDS/HIV become a larger problem...
  15. Capuleten

    Lusitania Doesn't Sink

    I've been watching the Smithsonian documentary on the Lusitania and it got me wondering: what if the U-boat still fired, but the torpedo did not sink it? A shot from that distance, according to the documentary, had never hit. Anything could have gone awry in the shot. What would have happened if...
  16. Capuleten

    WI: Peter the Great Never Returns?

    What if Peter the Great of Russia never returns from his grand, Europe-travelling embassy to learn about ship navigation and building, either by choice, or after he is mugged and killed or something along those lines. How would his advisors react? Who would get the throne? What would be Russia's...
  17. Capuleten

    Worst President Ever

    Who is the worst president ever, in your honest opinion. Feel free to discuss, and please post why.
  18. Capuleten

    Best Candidate for the Heir To Rome (MODERN)

    I know that some of these are pretty ridiculous, but I wanted to include pretty much anyone I could think of with a vague claim off the top of my head. Have fun! :closedeyesmile:
  19. Capuleten

    WI: Prince Vladimir of the Kievan 'Rus converts to Islam?

    I don't know why he would, but the consequences would be very interesting. What would the repercussions be?
  20. Capuleten

    WI: Protestant France

    How could this happen? Could the initial Reformation make waves from Germany into France? Or maybe a more religiously inclined Napoleon could alter this? What effect would this have on the region and politics if this happened during the original reformation? What about during the French...