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  1. Map Thread XIX

    Doesn't have sense to have a province named Bizen here; Bizen, Bitchuu and Bingo were named that way because of their position in relation to the capital("Anterior (Ki)bi", "Middle (Ki)bi" and "Posterior (Ki)bi", respectively). I think here, it would simply be named Kibi.
  2. A Manhã do Nevoeiro Chegou- A Portuguese Timeline

    Three zeroes too many here. 70 million square kilometres is almost the size of Asia and Africa together.
  3. What if the Austrofascists fought back after Dollfuss?

    I recognize Dolfuss, but who's the other one?
  4. Assuming Brazil breaks up Gran Colombia, how the post bolivarian order would look like?

    I don't know much about Gran Colombia, but I'd say the worst case wouldn't be much worse than what happened in OTL - whomever wanted to, and had the means to, get out, did it. I don't see a complete collapse of Gran Colombia in the cards.
  5. Assuming Brazil breaks up Gran Colombia, how the post bolivarian order would look like?

    Not exactly(I think Brazil could occupy some Caribbean coastal cities, like Maracaibo and Barranquilla, maybe(big maybe) even Cartagena - as for the GC interior, forget about it). Remember D.Pedro I managed to bring the Brazilian northern provinces under control in 1823. Later on is when things...
  6. Brazil attacks Argentina in World War 2

    Agreed on all points. That being said, by 1943, there isn't much, if anything at all , the Axis can do to support Argentina. As for how close matters came to war, I'd say not really - I've never heard any mention of this in any diplomatic history I've read(just checked my Ricupero copy, not a...
  7. Brazilian Victory in the Battle of Ituzaingo

    Juncal should have been more decisive(and I wonder why the Argentinians and Uruguayans don't remember it more); it wasn't, because the Brazilian Navy bounced back and trashed the Argentinian Navy at Monte Santiago 2 months later. The Brazilian squadron destroyed at Juncal was one of (IIRC) 4...
  8. Brazilian Victory in the Battle of Ituzaingo

    Winning the battle is (somewhat) simple, the Brazilian Army left the field but the Uruguayans and Argentinians were too exhausted(after 11 hours of fighting) to follow it(or do anything else than occupy the field), with parts of their army crumbling by the end of the Battle just as in the...
  9. Milton Campos elected vice-president of Brazil in 1960

    Agreed, which would make the 1965 election to be disputed by JK, Lacerda and Goulart. My money is on JK winning, with some UDN support. The US would invest less money on Brazil, but I think it would reverse that policy on 1962 if the Quadros(I still think he would be President here)...
  10. Milton Campos elected vice-president of Brazil in 1960

    Actually, I think Milton Campos could win. One of the interesting facts of the 1960 Election was Quadros never fully supported a single person for the vice-presidential slot - sometimes he would support Campos, sometimes he would mention another name, including Ademar de Barros vice-president...
  11. What if the Brazilian junta restores the monarchy?

    Why would the Imperial Family accept such a deal? I ask this because I don't see any restored Imperial government in Brazil having the power it had according to the 1823 Constitution - the only way they would be allowed to return is by being symbols, used to grant some sort of legitimacy to...
  12. Kingdom of Paraguay |

    Brazil wanted Paraguay as a buffer(and somewhat neutral) state between itself and Argentina, and what you propose wouldn't be seen as one.
  13. WI Brazil democratizes on the 1900s-10s-20s

    I think his reputation had recovered earlier than that, and it helped that he already was well-regarded before the Encilhamento.
  14. WI Brazil democratizes on the 1900s-10s-20s

    Disagree on Bocaiúva. AFAIK, his tenure at the head of the Foreign Relations Ministry was a disaster, and people may remember that. Ruy Barbosa was also a disaster at the head of the Finance Ministry(doing his part in bringing on the chaos of the 1890's), but he had more prestige than Bocaiúva...
  15. WI Brazil democratizes on the 1900s-10s-20s

    Oh, they wouldn't democratize by 1897, the idea is continued turbulence throughout the 1890's and 1900's could lead to democratization in the 1910's.
  16. WI Brazil democratizes on the 1900s-10s-20s

    It certainly could lead to such upheaval, yes, especially given the wave of sympathy for the President that the failed attack created. In fact, when I imagined the chaos of the 1890's continuing, a successful Prudente de Morais assassination was to me one of the possible PODs for that(along...
  17. WI Brazil democratizes on the 1900s-10s-20s

    Unlikely to happen without a prior POD, IMO; as I understand it Brazilian public opinion oscillated between neutrality and joining the Entente, with little voice being given to pro-Central Powers opinions. Just had a thought. Campos Salles doesn't manage to stabilize things, and the chaos of...
  18. WI Brazil democratizes on the 1900s-10s-20s

    Hmm, this means not only universal suffrage, but even more importantly the end of the Comissão de Verificação, which was where they discarded any opposition politician that had managed to get elected in spite of the electoral fraud. Biggest impediment to that is the Brazilian Congress. How do...
  19. Could Portugal abolish slavery in Brazil in 1791?

    IF Portugal decided to bother with abolishing slavery in Brazil(as said before, there were a lot of economical interests involved), I'd say that, yes, Portugal could enforce it. It wouldn't be easy, or nice, but in the end, I think Portugal would win. I don't think Brazil would be able to become...