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  1. AHC: Alternate Crimean War.

    So why does Nicholas not press the issue when Napoléon III forces Abdülmecid to accept the Roman Catholic Church as supreme authority over the Christian places in the Holy Land?
  2. Let's restart the Alternate History podcast

    Yes, I like this idea. Also I'd be game for a mid-to-late 19th century Europe.
  3. American Dictators During the Revolution

    I'd pay good imaginary money to see a well-done TL about this.
  4. Look to the West: Thread III, Volume IV (Tottenham Nil)!

    I thought the UPSA was the USA analogue ITTL, meaning it should have a very long stretch of unbelievable luck until it achieves great power status almost by accident.
  5. Look to the West: Thread III, Volume IV (Tottenham Nil)!

    I'm especially interested in how the Janissaries are developing.
  6. Europa Universalis III

    It looks like the Wiki's strategy page for Lithuania is only accurate up to IN 3.2, so I would say no, but I haven't personally played Lithuania. If it's anything like Brandenburg (e.g. starting as the minor player in a personal union), depending on the RNG your first 50-odd years or so could...
  7. Europa Universalis III

    And running a trade league. *shudders*
  8. Europa Universalis III

    No, Easy or even Very Easy would be best for your first few times until you get the hang of the game. Also play through all the tutorial missions, and you might also want to watch some lets plays or read a few in-depth AARs. And the Wiki is your friend. I'd also suggest playing a rather 'easy'...
  9. Lord Palmerston intervens in Schleswig

    On the other hand bear in mind that Russia was another of the original signatories of the 1850 treaty, and viewed German nationalism with some degree of hostility.
  10. Lord Palmerston intervens in Schleswig

    I think you're severely misunderstanding and underestimating Louis-Napoléon and how much of a romantic, in all the senses of that term, that he was. You can see it throughout his life - if you care to look. Give the man a good night's rest in 1866 and you've stopped Prussian domination of the...
  11. Lord Palmerston intervens in Schleswig

    Randon told Napoléon III that he could have 80,000 French troops to the border immediately and over 200,000 there within two weeks. The French would have smashed into the Prussians ill-protected flank while the majority of her forces were across the Ores deep into Bohemia. This would have been...
  12. Lord Palmerston intervens in Schleswig

    You'd have a point, except that Napoléon III changed his mind and countermanded his earlier orders to go ahead with an intervention in the Seven Weeks War literally the night before the French operation was to begin. His reasoning? He had a trouble's nights rest with ill dreams - and to...
  13. AHC: No WWI, with a twist

    Except that Vesnić, Spalaiković, and Lesanin all stated that the Serbian government had warned the Hapsburgs of an impending attempt on Franz Ferdinand's life, and Descos reported to his government that Dimitrijević's faction at court, who had previously carried out the assassination of the...
  14. AHC: No WWI, with a twist

    That's quite a lot of historical revisionism there, I hope you have something to back that up with.
  15. Look to the West: Thread III, Volume IV (Tottenham Nil)!

    According to Wikipedia it dates to at least the 16th century, if not even older, though it seems to have been more like a flatbread pie with olives, tomatoes, and fish, and was seen as lower class.
  16. Europa Universalis III

    Yes you'll want chronicles, it has all of the expansion packs and update patches. Believe me there's a world of difference even between DW 5.0 and 5.1
  17. AHC: The Eye in the Sky - Mare Orientale faces Earth

    So instead of a face a giant eyeball :p
  18. Europa Universalis III

    Westernizing is a real hassle.
  19. Malê Rising

    I'm sure Tall wouldn't appreciate Abacar fomenting dissent in his 'pure' empire, though of course Usman wouldn't say that what he's doing. The Toucouleur Sultan comes off as incredibly naïve, or perhaps just incredibly arrogant, in this update, but I have a sneaking suspecision he's actually...
  20. AHC: Partition of Switzerland!

    Except to the sonderbunders their direction was de-facto secessionist. To the Sonderbund the confederation was a very loose alliance, more like a UN-of-Switzerland (with all that implies), than it was a federal state that we know today.