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  1. Alternate Names for Australia

    A general note - being a continent, the name of TTL's Australia will not contain the word NEW nor the suffix SHIRE.
  2. Alternate Names for Australia

    Aurenescia is what I used in my CoHE TL. I also called New Zealand the Austral Islands.
  3. AHC: Church of England as a "4th" Abrahamic Religion

    ASBish, as it would involve something along the the lines of the CofE developing into a faith which revers the reigning monarch as being the embodiment of God on the earth.
  4. The Nazis in Palestine

    German scientists have perfected synthetic fuels.
  5. AHC: Modern Theocracy

    True; it is, however, a theocracy.
  6. Reagan/Helms

    No, such a choice would be a senseless political blunder.
  7. 1974 special presidential election

    He can push, but Congress has no authority to call for this special election. If Albert doesn't wish to or cannot serve until January 20, 1977, he can resign after his VP selection is confirmed OR resign and let whom ever is next in line according to the 1947 Presidential Succession Act assume...
  8. The next "Princess Royal"

    No, "Charlotte" wouldn't become Princess Royal, as she would never be the eldest daughter of the reigning monarch.
  9. WI Victor Emmanuel III abdicates earlier?

    As EN said, necroed threads get locked quickly. I think (but could be wrong) that the only time a necrod thread would not be locked would be IF the person waking the thread makes a substantive and constructive comment plus offers a compelling reason why he/she has awakened an old thread rather...
  10. WI: Barack Obama Assassinated During Health Care Debate

    I presumed 'right' as in righteous, just, honorable, or proper.
  11. Olympic Games AHC

    There is no non-ASB way for this to happen.
  12. AHC: LBJ Wank

    --Wins election to the US Senate while serving in the navy --Misses his entire first year in the Senate, returns home, serves several month and then is elected Senate Majority whip --Elected Senate Majority Leader after only 4 years in the Senate (having only been present for 2+ of those)...
  13. Icarus Rising

    So what, you're going to put football games, fraternity/sorority parties & studying above your obligation to completing the Icarus Trilogy? Good for you ... I suppose;).
  14. AHC: Nominate John Edwards for President in 2008

    Delaying publicity about the affair until after the Democratic Convention only delays Edwards' downfall. For him to become POTUS the affair needs never to happen. Even w/o an affair, these are the obstacles in the way of his reaching the presidency: ~ He still has a "do as I say not as I do"...
  15. Icarus Rising

    Given the way TTL is unfolding, consider yourself fortunate to be just a faded memory of what, or who, might have been. ;) I, on the other hand, have had my pre-teen life turned inside out and upside down by our congenial host/author. :D Yes, in this universe, such an attempt on a...
  16. WI: Edwards has no affair

    He could, possibly, but I have serious doubts that he'd "take it all the way". There are still significant obstacles in the way of his reaching the presidency. ~ He still has a "do as I say not as I do" problem to overcome ~ He will still be viewed by many as an empty suit and faux...
  17. Reagan nominated and defeated in '76, would he be back in '80?

    Yes, while the margin of victory wouldn't be the same, a Carter-Reagan election would end up being much like the Johnson-Goldwater race. I wonder if Reagan would be as successful in TTL as he was in OTL at refining and toning down his extremism between 1976 & '80? I have my doubts. 1976...