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  1. The Darling Buds Express

    For those of you who might not yet be aware, The Darling Buds Express is now available for Kindle on Sea Lion Press. Huge thanks to those of you who read, commented, liked and otherwise enjoyed this timeline – it was a big learning experience for me, and one I'm quite proud of. Equally big...

  3. WI Rock Music Develops Earlier?

    The development of rock is as much about technology as it is musical tastes. Electric guitars had been around in various forms since the 1930s (or possibly before, depending on whether you count acoustic guitars modded with various homebrew forms of amplification), but the first commercially...
  4. Top Link: An AH Vignette from the Great European Railway

    …I think this might be the worst thing I've ever done.
  5. Top Link: An AH Vignette from the Great European Railway

    TOP LINK: an AH vignette on the Great European Railway [Excerpt from Top Link S19E01, production code #TL256] BLACKY: “…and so Tinders and I found ourselves in Wembley Park, in the most glorious weather this sceptred isle can muster, he with a pint of Barnsley Pride in hand and me nursing a...
  6. Vignette: The Mayor

    I think this might be the best thing you've posted so far. There's lots of decent info to ground us in the world, but it doesn't feel like the conspicuous world-building that can bog down too many vignettes (including mine). I liked the little touches like a continuing Ecology Party, 'London...
  7. The Dead Skunk

    That is a very nice line. Glad to have this back.
  8. AH Vignette: Grandad

    Very nicely done, and moving with it. I was rather proud with myself for clocking who it was before it was addressed in the text. A nice touch, as well, of having a Communist-Labour split in the new People's Commonwealth, which I don't think we actually get that much of surprisingly.
  9. AH Vignette: Terrible Responsibility

    May 8 1945 Even from the private drawing room of Buckingham Palace, the jubilant pealing of bells filled the air. The war – or at least that part of it which had directly threatened London nightly for these past six years – was over; for a moment, for a night, the people could celebrate, throw...
  10. Malê Rising

    That was a good story. Once again I am struck by the humanity of your storytelling; Rabbi Kasztner may be the antagonist of this tale, but his motivations are understandable for the time and place. And while Rosza and others like her will, as you say, eventually become the bridge between the two...
  11. TLIAM: A Series Of Quite Fortunate Events

    …Please tell me you didn't just murder Derek Worlock. (I know, butterflies, but still) This continues to throw up twists by, er, keeping the same person in power seemingly indefinitely – which is an interesting trick, and speaks to the quality of your writing. My one quibble with this update...
  12. TLIAM: A Series Of Quite Fortunate Events

    I'm really enjoying this, even if you two doing a Labourscrew is just off-brand enough to be slightly disconcerting… …And Meadow making Beatles references isn't helping. Thaxted references – that's more like it.
  13. TLIAM: A Series Of Quite Fortunate Events

    [heavy breathing] I'm guessing from the title it's an 'everything goes better' TL, so I'm looking forward to being proven wrong in short order.
  14. TLIAF: Many A Hero Untold

    bovid i love this bovid bovid aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  15. AHC: The Queen refuses to shake someone's hand

    Slight variation, but the most interesting scenario that comes to mind is if a prominent republican becomes head of government in one of the Commonwealth realms (presumably without majority support for said republicanism in either the government or the country). Said head of government states...
  16. The Darling Buds Express

    And now, to finally respond to Geordie's very thoughtful comments: You've hit pretty much everything on the head here, in particular the sexual politics and the relationship dynamic going on in the row – which, from my perspective, is brilliant, because it means I'm putting them across! One...
  17. The Darling Buds Express

    Thank you very much for this – and thanks also to @Geordie and @BrotherSideways for their respective Turtledove nominations for this TL. It's worth pointing out – as much for general consumption as for my own ego – that Turtledove nominations have changed this year; every nomination requires a...
  18. KiwiTL: A Very Substantial Opportunity

    This has been a pleasure from strat to finish, U's M – even with no knowledge of NZ politics beyond not knowing who Bill English was, it's been a highlight of the past few weeks. Out of interest – how many words does the finished TL come to, roughly?
  19. The Darling Buds Express

    Thanks again, Geordie – I get what you mean with the Reichstag photo, it's one of the things I'll rework in the editing process. I really appreciate you doing this, it's a massive help and deeply gratifying from an authorial perspective!