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  1. New York builds skyscraper-bridges?

    Very futuristic!
  2. New York builds skyscraper-bridges?

  3. Better off as Hunter Gatherers?

    Remember that a fair proportion of the hunter-gatherer peoples studied by anthropologists have been ones living in "marginal" lands not wanted by farmers or herders, whereas before farming & herding developed the hunter-gatherers would also have been able to occupy more productive lands with...
  4. Your least favourite AH tropes & motifs

    Randall Garrett's 'Lord Darcy' stories have a surviving Byzantine Empire and an Ottoman Empire, both mentioned in one story but never seen, in the 1960s (or early 1970s?) when they were written & set. A treaty about passage between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean requires approval by both of...
  5. WI: Mali Slave-Plantation Colony

    Where does Mali get ocean-worthy ships from in the first place?
  6. Edward VIII dies in 1930

    Henry VII's oldest son was named Arthur, but predeceased his father so that we got the younger son -- Henry VIII -- on the throne instead.
  7. Save an extinct ethnic group

    They're in my planned timeline too, with a justification for wider use of their dialect that also lets me give Captain James Cook the middle name of 'Tiberius'. ("This is the voyage of the sailing ship Endeavour, its five-year mission to go where no European has gone before...")
  8. AHC: Turkey joins the Axis in/by 1940

    This is before Japan's entry into the war. Britain uses divisions from India.
  9. Save one Pagan Religion to the modern-day

    It's gone underground.
  10. New York builds skyscraper-bridges?

    Meh, that one's almost at street level anyway. I was thinking of ones say 20-50 storeys up.
  11. French Argentina

    There was briefly a Huguenot colony somewhere in Georgia or northern Florida, and the Spanish destroyed that.
  12. New York builds skyscraper-bridges?

    When I saw the title I thought that it would only be about bridges between skyscrapers, so that people could cross from one building to the next at the same high level instead of having to go all of the way down to the ground & then back up again... but this is MUCH cooler! :)
  13. Edward VIII dies in 1930

    They had a rather uninspired Poet Laureate at that time _ "Over the electric wire the message came: He is no better, he is about the same."
  14. Save an extinct ethnic group

    That was a story told (by a Greek author?) about the Etruscans.
  15. Greater British emigration

    Make the Little Ice Age worse.
  16. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    I presume that it's supposed to show the states with significant Hispanic populations.
  17. St. Louis Area Civilization Crop Package and Domesticated Animals

    The Swedish Post Office used to keep some, as transport for postmen & mail in rural areas.
  18. Save an extinct ethnic group

    There was a suggestion at the time of the first skeleton's discovery that it was an arthritic Cossack from the Napoleonic Wars.
  19. Save an extinct ethnic group

    How about having the Toltecs survive, not only as a people but as a state? This could butterfly away the rise of the Aztecs, and if the Toltecs treated their neighbours better than the OTL Aztecs did (which seems possible) then Cortez might not have found so many of those neighbours willing to...