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  1. John And Paul...But No George Or Ringo?

    Without John, Paul still would have been a very successful musician. Without Paul, John would be singing in the subway.
  2. 2000 Election

    For arguments sake, lets say a constitutional amendment is passed after 1968. EC abolished, if no clear majority in national popular vote, two leaders in a run off. No real problem until 1992. Perot dropped out because he thought he had no chance of winning. He stays in to the end, and...
  3. World Trade Center destroyed in 1993 attack

    The towers, to the best of my knowledge, could not be destroyed by a ground level blast. You could, however, kill everyone in the towers at a given time by releasing something into the ventilation system. Sarin?
  4. President Goldwater

    And that, Mr. Reaper, is why my dad gives LBJs grave the finger whenever he goes to Texas.
  5. DBWI: Army of the Dead marches on Beijing

    My guess is that if Taiwan doesn't want in, they won't be forced in. The mainland is one thing, but Taiwan has been autonomous for 60 years.
  6. John Tower confirmed as Bush 41's Secretary of Defense

    Cheney was in charge of the drawdown of US forces after the Cold War. The Army went from 18 divisions to 16, and then to 10. The military in this scenario could be massively different.
  7. A or non partisan or bi partisan President

    I know Nixon wanted to start his own party by running with the Democrat in his cabinet. Connelly, I believe his name was. Yes. That would be something. A President leaving a party in midterm.
  8. USSR invades Alaska

    This reminds me of "WARGAMES", when the hacker convinces the computer to play out every scenario for USSR-USA war, and every one ends with nuclear holocaust. The Soviets launch an unprovoked attack on US soil. Even China would be on Reagans side.
  9. DBWI - What if Khalid Sheik Mohammed Had been Waterboarded?

    I think we should have made some real effort to interrogate, rather than just leaving the schmuck in solitary for days on end. The Israelis probably would have some good techniques. As my Grandpa served in the Pacific, and my Dad in 'Nam, they taught me to believe that pain is an acceptable...
  10. DBWI: No President Powell?

    In 1996 Bill Clinton looked unbeatable. After Dole won the nomination he trailed Clinton by twenty points, so he pinned his hopes on a running mate. Dole practically had to beg Powell to accept the nomination, but he did. Powell would prove a proficient organizer in the Fall Campaign, but by...
  11. WI Len Bias didn't die from a cocaine overdose?

    Probably not. Even assuming that Bias was the talent everyone anointed him as being, Bird and Mchale were still old. You'd have one unproven player replacing two great players. Plus, the overdose means he was already using drugs in college. Drug users tend to spend as much as they make...
  12. WWE what if.

    I was just watching the match between Kurt Angle and Marty Jannetty from 2005, and it made me wonder. Shawn Michaels went on to be one of the great performers in North American wrestling, and Marty pissed his career away with cocaine. What if Marty had cleaned himself up after the Rockers...
  13. President Henry Wallace...would he drop A-bomb?

    That commie would have surrendered to the soviets three days in to his term.
  14. AH Challenge: Viable EV1s

    Deliberately wait several years as battery technology advances. The original range was 100 miles, which would be sufficient for city driving but is still far less than the range of a petro fueled car. I read that the range could be extended to 300 miles with today's technology.
  15. Could FDR Lose?

    Elections are never won. They are always lost. FDR could have lost if Alfred E. Smith and Garner left the party. If Hoover declines to run for reelection to act as a fall guy, then you could see a three way race with a Republican defeating a split Democratic party with 40%. Sort of a...
  16. WW3..least damaged states in Europe.

    Spain was not in NATO, but Spain and the US did have an alliance of sorts. Franco always made sure to cover his bets.
  17. WW3..least damaged states in Europe.

    Spain. Franco would survive, having evacuated Madrid early. The wind would carry whatever fallout remained away. Franco seals the border to French refugees.
  18. Hugh Jackman as James Bond?

    Daniel Craig is the worst Bond ever, and that includes George Lazenby. I don't want Bond to be a brooding bad boy. I want booze, broads, and bullets.
  19. Could Huey Long's Presidential Plan have worked?

    Okay, the way I figure it, in order for Longs plan to work three things would need to happen. 1. Take a good size chunk of liberal New Dealers with him in 1936. 2. Use aforementioned support to reach 15%. 3. GOP must have a stronger candidate. Landon= Loser.
  20. Horses in the New World?

    It is a common misconception that Europeans introduced horse to the Americas. In fact an equine species was native to the Americas but died out approximately ten thousand years ago. What are the effects of such a creature surviving?