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  1. The Admirals

    Hugh, sorry to be a little unhelpful (as you are asking for more value-added responses!) but your record with previous timelines is such that I am a glutton for anything you care to share with us… please continue!!!
  2. Better British Economy post 1979?

    Personally I think that the problems that came to a head in the late 70s had built up over the previous 30 years, ever since the UK failed to re-invest in its industry post WW2. Reasons certainly include poor management as well as pig-headed labour coupled with what seems to be a government...
  3. Give BC aircraft >than 50:50 chance after visual

    The most effective use of night fighters to defend the bomber stream is probably to use them as intruders - lurking over the night fighters bases to destroy them down there. Avoids any issues with identification and with finding the NFs in the first place
  4. WI Argentina heavily garrisons the Falklands?

    Meanwhile nothing arrives by sea into either the Falklands or Argentina itself
  5. British retain a Naval and Littoral focus during WW1

    Quite hard to challenge the definition really…happy memories! although perhaps we could play the Aussies (and others) at this instead of some silly game called “cricket” or some such…
  6. AHC/WI: RN carriers supporting USN at Battle of Midway?

    If anyone wants to check this out here’s a link to the starting page for the Midway battle
  7. AHC/WI: RN carriers supporting USN at Battle of Midway?

    Agreed. He has a Midway, with 3 RN carriers joining the fun, that makes a great read ( and really doesn’t end well for Japan)
  8. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    I was under the impression that “bringing it up” is the point of surstromming? A (the) feature, not a bug…
  9. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    But why would he want to pace up and down at 3am with a wailing little princess over his shoulder when he could be sitting down teaching her how to type…? (But seriously - many congratulations @diesal, take all the time you need. These are special moments )
  10. Cato's Cavalry

    Yeah indeed!
  11. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    “Does what it says on the tin” Tinned dragon….hmmmm. Better that than herring I guess
  12. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Some people just want to see the world burn…
  13. The Forge of Weyland

    Very sorry to hear this. We’ve lost 3 parents in the past 3 years and, even though they’d all had a good innings (all >80) it’s always tough. A shock even when it isn’t a surprise (And sometimes a relief too, sadly) Condolences
  14. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    “Will survive attack by most woodpeckers “
  15. President John F. Kennedy Didn't Visit Dallas on the day of Assassination

    Sorry but how does this change affect Mao & the CCP’s internal power struggles and so butterfly the Cultural Revolution? Drivers for that are mainly domestic and zero to do with the US
  16. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Or Parliament…but I think we digress…
  17. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Fair enough and no doubt correct. Doesn’t mean all the land was normally left to lie fallow or used only for polo and pheasant coverts which appeared to be the implication. It was an important asset and generally worked accordingly (but that’s enough about early 20c land use!)
  18. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Curious as to what “pleasure” you reckon the gentry was deriving and what else should have been done with the land? Even then it wasn’t exactly wall to wall private cricket pitches Even a ’roll in the hay’ requires that the hay be bought in first…. any landowner who didn’t use their land...
  19. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    Yes but only the fighter version
  20. The Empire Parnell Built

    Great stuff but in 2nd para I think Roosevelt died not Butler..?