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  1. WI the Buisness Plot approached MacArthur?

    Now this is also assuming that the plot was real and did have the 500,000 veteran army armed and ready. What would Douglas MacArthur's reaction have been, he was a bit of a glory hound and did have one hell of an ego. Would he have gone along with the plot?
  2. The Land of Sad Songs – Stories From Protect and Survive Finland

    Congrats and Excellent Ending! Drakonfin, Congrats on finishing an amazing TL! I eagerly wait for what you have next! Gen_Patton
  3. WWII over Czechoslovakia?

    No, these books were written in the 1930s, sort of Tom Clancy style, but after the outbreak of WWII I guess they become Alternate History, sort of similar to Red Storm Rising or most of the Jack Ryan series.
  4. WWII over Czechoslovakia?

    I remember reading about a series of books written in the 30s which has the premise of WWII happening when Germany invades Czechoslovakia? Does anyone remember the titles?
  5. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    Well this was fun while it lasted. Great ending, great story.
  6. AHC: Esperanto as Air Traffic and Aviation Language

    Airsperonto..... That sounds familiar.
  7. What if Joint US-USSR Space Program?

    What if the USSR and USA put aside their differences to work on getting to the moon together? I know it would be a long shot, but how would it play out?
  8. Largest possible Domination of Draka

    Uh they conquer the entire planet of Earth... then begin to take the galaxy... I don't know how much bigger that could get.
  9. Protect & Survive - The Visitors

    Coming out of hiding to say: "subbed!" keep up the good work, Gen_Patton
  10. Duck and Cover! An American Spinoff of Protect and Survive.

    The End July 4th 1986 As conditions improved throughout much of early 1986, contact between the regional powers in the former United States began to improve. It was hard to describe the country at this point as a unified nation. The crucial first months when the Greenbrier had...
  11. Duck and Cover! An American Spinoff of Protect and Survive.

    I feel like I owe you guys an epilogue. I'm done with P&S it's been a fun ride though I haven't been able to keep up with it with so much in my life changing so fast. Here is my last episode of Duck and Cover. Enjoy.
  12. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    Now that you have popped your head up, where is The Revolution Will be Live? Please bring it back. Please.
  13. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    I'm not sure about the between two waves... they refer to the author as "Jack" the same name Macraggle1 uses and the post by the Vulture was referred to as a "gay French Cyclops" which sort of fits what the Vulture is homosexual and French... It could be our friends on a different forum.
  14. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    Wow they didn't even try too hard hard to hide that they stole it.
  15. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    Hooray? Good to see it back and running!
  16. Protect and Survive: A Timeline

    :( WHERE ARE YOU!!!!
  17. When the Wind Blew: a P&S Open Thread

    Sounds like a great Idea! (yes with a capital I) PM me and I'll shoot you my email. -Gen_Patton
  18. Operation Sealion - intervention of Japanese or Italian navies.

    OK I don't know if this is necroing a dead thread, but I have a question: What were the quality of the Schwimmpanzers and U-panzers? Could they have actually of made it across the channel? And if so, would they have been useful against ground fortifications? Or if we take some luck (ASB...
  19. If Fads Lived Up To The Hype!!!

    Hold on Walt Disney offered 45% of his estate to the first guy who gave birth? That guy is weirder than I thought.
  20. Did James Blunt prevent World War 3 ?

    You know it is the same James Blunt we're talking about?