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  1. Why wasn't MacArthur a more popular Republican primary candidate in 1952?

    There's also no doubt the fact that he had the Bonus Army and Fall of the Philippines fiascos in his past (with a not insignificant number of survivors who could be trotted out to give their testimonies). Sure, "I have Returned" and Inchon gained him some fame but there were a lot of skeletons...
  2. Cato's Cavalry

    Very nice update, glad to see life returning to this classic. :)
  3. Have bows truimph over Arquebus

    Short version, yes skilled archers could beat arquebusiers in a straight-up fight. The problem is that they won't be in a straight up fight. The arquebusiers will be more effective at dealing with heavily armored pikes and cavalry than the archers which might tip the balance all on its own. More...
  4. Stronger animals for Field artillery

    I know the EIC used elephants occasionally in India for that but I don't know that anyone tried to import them to Europe for the purpose.
  5. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    I have just one piece to add to this, I really appreciated how both sides of the story were presented in a sympathetic light and nobody was the Saturday Morning villain. It really helped to highlight how being enemies doesn't automatically mean being "bad guys". :)
  6. Sweden joined Allied Powers after German invasion of Denmark 1940

    It will be very unpleasant for the Swedish population but I don't think it will be a walk over for the Germans either. The Swedish Navy was powerful enough that the Germans might really struggle in the short term after the losses inflicted by the RN during Weserübung and the Army was quite good...
  7. What motivated the average Confederate soldier/official?

    I think the role of upper class women as instigators and provocateurs in warfare (particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries) is grossly underrepresented. In some cases, they were the most blatant and ardent supporters of the pro-war crowd (conveniently ignoring that they were advocating...
  8. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    Not going to lie, I busted out laughing at this point. Perfect example of someone being too quick to action and not thinking things through beforehand. :D
  9. WI Turkey occupies all of Cyprus

    The short version is that Turkey was well aware of what it could and could not get away with on the international stage. Their entire justification for going in was to protect Turkish Cypriots from ethnic cleansing. This was accomplished by creating a protected enclave for them in the North of...
  10. Last Bullet for Receiving a Bayonet Charge

    I think the real determining factor is the nerve and discipline of the defenders. The majority of bayonet charges were determined before either side made it within 10-15 meters of each other. Either the attackers would stall or the defenders would break by that point. Actually reaching melee was...
  11. Thoughts on Aztec / Inca invading europe

    This right here, I believe, is the biggest problem with this scenario. Technology and biology can more-or-less be hand-waved by various coincidental events (of varying plausibility) but that means little if there isn't a desire to go to Europe. The European explorers and conquistadors were...
  12. Jesus is excommunicated and exiled rather than executed

    That is a very valid point. He seems to have been rather ambivalent on the Jewish people as a whole and didn't seem to let his attitude toward their leadership bleed over onto them (wasn't his wife Jewish, even?). I seem to have been mistaken on the Temple massacre, I knew that it happened under...
  13. Jesus is excommunicated and exiled rather than executed

    I think Pilate would have bigger problems on his plate than making sure any disciples don't return. For one thing, the Sanhedrin is almost certainly sending a delegation to Rome to accuse Pilate of protecting the head of a treasonous uprising. (Look at Paul's later experience if you think they...
  14. Was Austria-Hungary really doomed?

    I said that it would eventually disintegrate but that is a bit misleading. Without the Entente deliberately trying to dismantle it, I don't think it would completely disintegrate. For example, I'm reasonably confident that the Czechs and the Slovenes would willingly stay with Vienna under most...
  15. Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

    She could, though she certainly won't. She didn't survive under Richard's reign by being an idiot after all. ;)
  16. Yugoslavia dies early

    Presumably whichever side they see as being weaker and thus easier to bully/puppet into compliance.
  17. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    I don't know, her captain was very explicit when he informed the provincial premier that he considered the Rainbow to be a war grave. That suggests that someone who is rapidly becoming Canada's greatest war hero is going to be very vocal in his opposition to any large scale salvage operations. I...
  18. Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House

    Nope, that's not in accordance with the West Point Regulations on the wear of the uniform. ;)
  19. Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House

    Yep, when I was in the Army the accepted tradition was that Washington and Pershing were the only two 6 Stars and that Washington by Act of Congress was senior to Pershing. Of course, just because something is tradition doesn't make it true but it seems to be reasonably accurate (at least in...
  20. USA's "Project Cancelled"

    Yep, that's a great crash course on the issue.