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  1. Congress of Vienna Punishes France

    WI, rather than restoring and maintaining the balance of power in Europe, the Congress of Vienna decides to enact punitive measures against France, forcing the French government to pay repairations and to surrender more of its territory. What then transpires?
  2. Mohammed Makes Islam a form of Judaism

    WI instead of creating an entirely new religion, Mohammed ties his religious theories into Judaism. Thus Islam develops as a form of Judaism, albeit a more Arab form. How does this change Middle Eastern history?
  3. Hannibal recieves reenforcements

    WI Hasdrubal had successfully crossed the Alps, and had delivered his reenforcements to Hannibal's main force?
  4. No Swedish Period

    WI after the defeat of King Christian IV of Denmark in the Danish Period of the Thirty Years War, Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden had not lead his troops into Northern Germany?
  5. Days of Infamy

    A Book about what would have happened if the Japanese had followed up the attack on Pearl Harbor with an invasion force. Has anyone else read it?
  6. No Neutrality Acts

    How would the event's leading up to World War II have been different had the United States not passed the neutrality acts?
  7. No Jazz

    WI Jazz had never developed? How could this have happened? How would this affect later pop culture?
  8. German Partition in WWI

    WI Germany had been spilt up into smaller nations following WWI, in a similar manner to the Austrian Empire and Ottoman Empire?
  9. No Saxon Invasion

    WI the Anglo-Saxons never invaded Britain?
  10. Romans Invade Hibernia

    WI the Romans, searching for more land and wealth, invaded Hibernia?
  11. A Druze Nation

    WI the French had not incorperated Jabal ad-Druze into Syria in the Franco-Syrian Treaty of 1936?
  12. Russian Provisional Government Pulls Out

    WI Alexander Kerensky, the second Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government after the February Revolution had made peace with the Germans? Would this take wind out of the sails of the Bolshevik Movement?
  13. Patriarchite of Lutèce and the North

    WI, at the council of Nicea after all of the OTL decisions, the council had decided to establish a Patriarch in the Roman city of Lutèce (modern Paris) to minister to the Christians of Northern Gaul and Britannia? How would this affect the later East-West devide in the church? What would happen...
  14. Southern Slave Revolt

    What if John Brown's Raid of Harpers Ferry had succeded in causing a slave revolt in the South?
  15. Map Continuation Nation Info Thread

    I has occured to me that we have never actually put down info about our Nations such as Currency, Capital, National Anthem, ect. Therefore I have made this thread. Name: State of Bilad al-Jabal Capital: Saint George Motto: الله محبة (Allahu Mahabbah)(God is Love) National Anthem: Homat el...
  16. No warplanes

    WI planes were never used in war, but only in peacetime persuits?
  17. Map Continuation Leaders Thread

    Here is where you can post the names of the leaders of your Map Continuation Nations. Here are Mine: President Jirjis Shetayh, President of the State of Bilad al-Jabal (II) His Imperial Majesty Amha Selassie, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings of Ethiopia and Elect of God...
  18. Aleric, Emperor of the Romans

    WI Aleric, King of the Goths, had demanded control of the Roman Empire after his capture of Rome?
  19. The Invasion of Japan

    WI the Americans had not developed the Atomic Bomb, and instead had invaded the Japanese Home Islands in 1945?
  20. Alexander Nevski DBWI

    WI Alexander Nevski defeated the Teutonic Knights? What would this mean for Russian History?