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  1. Sports-related AH Discussion Thread

    Okay, sports fans. How about some discussion related to sports--sporting events that never got to happen, games that could have gone a different way? Maybe this could be the place. Okay, first off: I found this on Wikipedia and thought it was interesting. If the Quebec Nordiques had never...
  2. A Flag Thread

    I figured Nevada.
  3. No European Colonialism in Africa

    That's human nature for you.
  4. Challenge: Stronger, Richer Africa

    All right, all right, point taken. It was just one possibility for this scenario, not the only possibility. My point was mainly that the British were better than the other Europeans at colonizing nations, and they tended to leave said colonies better off than, say, France or Belgium. I was...
  5. Challenge: Stronger, Richer Africa

    (I almost put this in the Post-1900 thread, but decided it would work better here.) What would it take to create a world in which the nations of Africa (and feel free to create alternate nations in addition to or instead of a few of the ones that already exist--but no Draka) are stronger and...
  6. Political Atmosphere of World without Communism, Fascism & Zionism

    You say that like it's a bad thing.
  7. WorldWar DBWI: The TL-191 Discussion Thread

    I heard he's working on a speculative novel dealing with what the world would be like if the Lizards never showed up. I'd like to see his take on it.
  8. DBWI: The Turtledove TL-191 Discussion Thread.

    Enough with the Turtledove-bashing. Yes, his stories tend to mirror real life a little too much, but it's kind of refreshing to see a new spin on things. Europe tends to lapse into antisemitism during bad times--there's enough historical evidence of it happening in the past. Jews have been used...
  9. WI Mexico is in Caricom?

    Mexico's an observer in CARICOM, and several Unasul nations also have observer status. Maybe Mexico joining CARICOM could trigger a move to fuse the two organizations--an earlier FTAA?
  10. A Blank Map Thread

    Is there any chance of a larger version? That size, the divisions kind of blur together.
  11. Post Alternate US state border maps.No specific POD needed.

    Gladly. The eastern half of Washington, coupled with part of Oregon and the Idaho panhandle, is the State of Lincoln. California is divided into Jefferson (furthest north), Bayland (one of several city-states), California, and Los Angeles (furthest south). The part taken out of Texas is the...
  12. Post Alternate US state border maps.No specific POD needed.

    I'll admit I got into the idea of urban secession a little bit, and looked up a lot of state secession proposals on the 'Net. Check this out:
  13. Map Thread II

    Am I the only one on this site who doesn't think America could ever become a theocracy?
  14. President Winston Churchill?

    True, I'd forgotten that part.
  15. President Winston Churchill?

    He could also be born at an American embassy. Maybe we could have him born at the US embassy for whatever reason rather then Bleinham Palace?
  16. Al Gore becomes President in 2000

    If half the "President Gore" TLs on othertimelines are any indication, he enters office incapable of doing any wrong, and manages to talk the jihadists out of wanting to murder everyone who doesn't think exactly like they do.[/sarcasm]
  17. Appeasement avoids War

    Requires ASBs. Despite what foreign-policy doves would have you think, appeasement always makes things worse. "If you give a mouse a cookie..."
  18. A Blank Map Thread

    Am I the only one who wishes there was a version of the US county map that included Canada as well?
  19. Blessed are the Bold

    We don't get enough of those! Update!
  20. Map of World in 2000

    Strangely enough, I enjoyed the food in England far more than I did in France.