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  1. The VT-BAM project

    Redid North Korea (including coastlines)
  2. The VT-BAM project

    When I've actually had the time to properly research my answer, yes There are a few countries with five levels of divisions, but it is true that three and four levels are more common (maybe two as well) It's often pretty difficult to find data on the lower levels, it's even difficult to find...
  3. The VT-BAM project

    Sorry for the late reply, yes that is correct for the vast majority of the overlays, the newer ones go red-blue-green-yellow-violet instead And Wikipedia have five or more division levels listed for a number of countries (they just list multiple levels in the last box), it is generally extremely...
  4. The VT-BAM project

    The orange marks urban areas, and the US (and Canada) have more levels of administrative divisions (usually 1 more but Canada is complicated) which are not required for the map to be complete, but would be nice to have if people have the time to do them. There are a number of other countries...
  5. The VT-BAM project

    I believe @tungsterismapping has expressed interest in completing Poland, Ukraine is difficult due to it's size and complexity, European Russia is a bit of a special case in that I have some extra data for it (which'll be available to whoever wants to try to complete it) and it's also very...
  6. The VT-BAM project

    Merge is up
  7. The VT-BAM project

    Right, starting a merge of all changes since the last one on March the 31st
  8. The VT-BAM project

    The Czech third levels are on the overlays but they're right on the line between very difficult and impossible to draw. Western Sahara (well, SADR+the Moroccan occupied areas) is on the overlays but I'm pretty sure the border between the two is slightly off, which will make it more difficult to...
  9. The VT-BAM project

    @LunesArgent I see the problem, looks like someone didn't use the overlays and ended up using a map with the wrong projection instead, North Korea is a complete write-off. Updated claim map
  10. The VT-BAM project

    West New Guinea, Timor and the Moluccas with redrawn coastlines
  11. The VT-BAM project

    Papua New Guinea update, added 4th level divisions and redrew coastlines.
  12. The VT-BAM project

    It is not.
  13. The VT-BAM project

    Would definitely be doable if someone could actually find me a complete dataset covering them, currently I only have a few fragments of which I can't even remember the origins anymore.
  14. The VT-BAM project

    UAE updated with second and third levels where they exist. Somalia completed
  15. The VT-BAM project

    Having a break from the DRC to work on Tanzania.
  16. The VT-BAM project

    Yep, I need to add an "extra levels possible" color
  17. The VT-BAM project

    Another claim map update and a progress map
  18. The VT-BAM project

    @X_Eaglefrost_X My whole overlay production pipeline is broken at the moment so I'll need to get that fixed first at the very least(which will take a while), beyond that I spent quite a long time searching for river data after I made the overlays and couldn't find anything which covered the...
  19. The VT-BAM project

    Fully updated claim map Sorry for the delay, was surprisingly busy today.