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  1. "He would have been President, you know."

    I can't see that happening. You would need very ddifferentuSA to getting black president in 1980's or 1990's. Later it hardly can even happen, even if King manage to live that long and remain health enough to run. And with very different USA you probably butterfly King's OTL career off. He...
  2. NATO v Warsaw: Possible?

    Problably in 1950's it would had been mostly conventional since there wasn't yet much of nukes and not so much ICBMs.
  3. WRE survives: What happens in Germania?

    At this point WRE was lost Gaul probably permanentally. It wasn't much outside of Italy and some holdings on North-West Balkans.
  4. WI Jesus lead an actual revolt against Rome?

    Probably depends about details but Christianity hardly is going to rise. Romans would ensure even harder to put CHristianity down if it ever emerge. And the religion probably not become very markable. I can't see even any Roman emperor converting to Christianity since how it reveolted against...
  5. WI: Juan Carlos is an absolutist after all?

    I can't see such monarchy lasting. Absolutism in Europe was over already good time before WW1. Evne in Russia it was taking its last breaths. So in best case there is strong protests what military and Civil Guard can't control andn Juan Carlos is enforced to accept constitutional monarchy...
  6. Images from The Anglo/American-Nazi War

    True. Even youngest veterans should be already around 80 years old so I don't expect many being anymore alive and even somehow good health for their age. Just wondering how many former residents of Berlin are still alive. How many even managed to leave the city?
  7. Images from The Anglo/American-Nazi War

    Wasn't Palestine usually defined as region of immediate coastal Levantine but not places on eastside of Jordan River? And I think that Jordan is still quiet logical name since it is after the river and OTL Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was known before independence as Transjordan "Beyond Jordan...
  8. What does a (victorious) White Russian army look like by 1939?

    Russia probably would be quiet authotarian right-wing state if not outright fascist euual. Not so sure about borders. Finland probably can keep its independence altough not sure if Finland can gain Petsamo region. Not any idea how things would go with Baltics and Poland. Poland probably keeps...
  9. What does a (victorious) White Russian army look like by 1939?

    It greatly depends who wins post-victory power struggle. White army wan't any kind of unified group and they just could agree for defeating of Bolsheviks. If they manage to win RCW there would be new civil war between sevceral factions. So war would last yet some years longer. I think that some...
  10. WI: Joseph Stalin commits suicide in 1941

    Molotov seems quiet safe candidate. I don't know about Kalinin. I don't see Beria having much of chances. He wa<sn't very liked. Zhukov has zero chances. He wasn't yet that strong at this point and political leadership never would accept military personel becoming leader of Soviet Union.
  11. WI: A 20th Century Christian Fundamental State?

    I don't think so. Even early 20th century Russia wasn't very fundamentalist altough not quiet secular. I don't think that you can't change that very fundamentalist state.
  12. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    I could imaginate Berlusconi being fascist politician. He might be quiet populist and unpredictable for them but still fine for them.
  13. WI: A 20th Century Christian Fundamental State?

    Define fundamentalist Christian state. If you mean something like IR of Iran or even more radical, you probably need something like POD before 1848 or something like that. Probably even earlier POD. If you mean only just it using very Christian legistature I think that surviving altough...
  14. TL-191: After the End

    Annexation of Belgium seems bit unlikely. Had even OTL Kaiserreich such plans? And Belgians hardly are willingful to join to Germany even if it gets much of autonomy.
  15. Images from The Anglo/American-Nazi War

    Benito Mssolini was one of closest ally of Hitler and nazi Germany. Altough Italy was clearly victorious on Europe during WW2, him had just watch fall of colonial empire in Italy. Some archive records prove that Mssolini planned invasion to Egypt but Hitler made clearly that there he would be...
  16. WI: Joseph Stalin commits suicide in 1941

    Would Moltov even be able to go with such nepotism? Soviet system wa<sn't very farorable with that.
  17. WI: Joseph Stalin commits suicide in 1941

    I don't think that Stalin's death would affect to general moral of the people. FDR's death didn't cause any effect to Americans so I don't think there being any effects to Soviets. Yes, USSR and USA were different countries and FDR and Stalin were very different but still I don't think that it...
  18. What if the Original Disneyland was Segregated?

    Such park would bring much of controversy quiet quickly. Probably the park would be de-segregated by 1970 if not even earlier. And this would taint Disney's reputation (Both Walt Disney and the company) quiet badly.
  19. Images from the Footprint of Mussolini

    Minsk, capital of Belarus Belarus has recovered quiet well after fall of Soviet Union and communsim. It managed develope democratic and liberal nation. There is too sizable Russian minority, biggest among former SSRs after Russia. There is some support for joining to Russia but even Russian...
  20. AHC/WI: Successful Bar Kokhbah Revolt

    These revolts have not any chances if Roman Empire doesn't collapse totally. Rome is not going let Judea become independent.