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  1. When was the Levant and Egypt lost/unconquerable to the Romans/Byzantines?

    As the title says, when did the Byzantine became unable to reconquer the Levant and Egypt?
  2. From the Ashes, the Purple Phoenix rises once more.
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    -What do you think of the city? - I asked -It looks awesome! There’s so much here! That “forum” has so many statues, all of them so big! - he replied, extending his hands trying to show the size with them. I giggled. -It was an emperor named Constans who built this right? -No, he was...
  3. WI: Greco-Turkish ERE

    Could the Turks and Greeks unite and reform the ERE after the 4th crusade? By that I mean a state in which the majority of people are either Turkish, Greek or a mix of both (all these groups living mostly peacefully with each other) conquers Constantinople and revives the Roman Empire. The...
  4. WI: No Diplomatic Revolution

    Let's say that, in 1755, Frederick the Great, fearing Austria's revanchism, renews his alliance with France in hopes of deterring Maria. In turn, Louis XV agrees, hoping to tie down some British troops in Hannover. To make this more likely, Wezel Anton dies of stroke around the same time. What...
  5. AHC/WI: Stronger Ptolemaic Egypt

    From what I could gather from searching in this forum about the topic and research I've done myself, I think that the best POD would be to have either Ptolemy I or II start to use native Egyptians in phalanxes, giving the early Ptolemies much more manpower to use. Having Cilles win the Battle...
  6. WI: Byzantium wins at Achelous

    Say the Byzantines don't break their formation whilst the Bulgarian center breaks and retreats. The Romans then turn around and defeat the Bulgarian cavalry. Simeon escapes but loses most of his army, say 12.000, what would happen next? Would Simeon just come back again?
  7. WI: Charles V and Bertrand du Guesclin die after declaring war on the English

    As the title says, shortly after judging the Black Prince disloyal and declaring war against England on May 1369, both Charles V and Bertrand du Guesclin die of the plague. First things first: I would expect the OTL regents to be the same as TTL's, they were already of age at this point and...