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  1. Photos from The Thousand Week Reich

    Senator bobby kennedy arriving in buryatia during a goodwill visit to the russian republic, his visit made buryatia to be under extra security since there are threat of soviet insurgent or symphatiser planning to kill the senator (the buryatian police stationed several APCs to ensure that the...
  2. Squids game Sae-byeok (north korean girl) weird death

    Episode 7 (the bridge episode) seemed apart from the marble episode the best episode and also the worst episode. I do wonder why the character Sae-byeok didn't recieve medical attention, the games are portrayed as inherently fair and altough participants did die between games, Sae-byeok death...
  3. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    In 1861, during the War of Secession, a little known artist named William Bauly would create two iconic pieces of American patriotic art that would be reprinted and even modernized as the United States and Confederate States endlessly clashed over the course of 82 years. Our Heaven Born...
  4. Book recommendations for alternate history with tech anachronism or gap

    Hello, thanks for sharing the Merchant Princes series by Charles Stross.
  5. Pop-culture in TL-191

    Super Electromagnetic Machine Victor V ("Super Electromagnetic Machine Victory V"), popularly known as simply Victory V a British anime Television series It is the second installment of the Super Robot Trilogy which also includes Super Electromagnetic Robot Combat Knight Battler V and "Fighting...
  6. TL-191: After the End

    These overseas ex-Confederate expatriate communities, by 2021, have been reduced in size due to heavy emigration, with most leaving either for Texas or for Australia and New Zealand. In the case of South Africa, this high rate of emigration was also due to the continuation of conflict in the...
  7. TL-191: After the End

    In TTL, the most significant political divisions in Appalachia are a legacy of the region’s long divide between the USA and the CSA. By 2021, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are grouped together politically as part of what’s popularly known as the “Triangle,” even if they don’t always...
  8. Photos from The Thousand Week Reich

    Russian Hilfspolizei training at a firing range, 1950.
  9. Photos from The Thousand Week Reich

    British commandos in occupied Singapore, 1944. The liberation of Singapore showcased the prowess of the then new SAS, who quickly garnered more victories against the Japanese throughout occupied Asia. Discharged members helped train both the US Army Green Berets and the Chinese Nighthawks after...
  10. Photos from The Thousand Week Reich

    101st Airborne captain Edmund Braddock in Hamburg, 1961. Braddock's unit took control of the Heer command center in the city and destroyed their radio transmitters, sowing confusion amongst the panzer units.
  11. 2018 Presidential Election

    Since Willis seems to just use his own accent in almost all of his roles, I'd say Duke necessarily only has a slight southern accent that mostly only comes out when he's tired. The in-universe explanation would be something like Duke consciously (or subconsciously) chose to adopt a more...
  12. Mad Bad Rabbit

    AHC: Imagine the worst possible timeline for your favourite franchise, similar to 'Man in the High Castle.'

    CloverSeinfeld - Jerry and pals are sipping coffee at the diner when there's an earthquake and the power goes out. They try to make their way back to Jerry's place, shrugging off the panicked crowds, burning buildings, army helicopters roaring overhead, ... until Kramer sees the vast and...
  13. BrSonic

    AHC: Imagine the worst possible timeline for your favourite franchise, similar to 'Man in the High Castle.'

    ...every single single point in space and time, he'd be omnipresent and being as strong as he is with the Force that would likely make him omnipotent* We wouldnt be getting Emperor Palpatine, we would be getting Demiurge Sidious and instead of the Empire we would have all existence as his...
  14. 2018 Presidential Election

    Yeah that's what I thought.
  15. 2018 Presidential Election

    How are Seaborn's approval ratings?
  16. 2018 Presidential Election

    I'm pretty sure Willis did have an accent for at least part of Armageddon, but don't think he sustained it for very long
  17. The New Order: Last Days of Europe Thread II

    it probably because he not a dev for anything related to russia or germany, also he was just kind of being a asshole in that post for no reason, and also was just kind of wrong about what he was saying too
  18. 2018 Presidential Election

    Does Alan Duke have a southern accent? Also has Bruce Willis ever done a southern accent?
  19. AeroTheZealousOne

    The New Order: Last Days of Europe Thread II

    It appears the subreddit mods threw it out. Any context as to what it was and ehat's going on? Unauthorized leak?
  20. 2018 Presidential Election

    Laurion is more Conservative, closer to Ray Sullivan and his politics/some of his back story is partly based on OTL former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, but he is more moderate than the likes of Alan Duke. Jasper Irving is a "Vinick Republican", although he has moved from being more to...