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  1. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    I don't think the UIS has a preferred candidate. Maybe Tancredo but he isn't exactly a front runner here. Rather, they probably have an "anyone but Lazio" mentality. Engler is seen as a politician who feels that Al-Qaeda is the greatest threat to the United States. Sure he isn't seen as being a...
  2. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Haha, no I can't say that it was.
  3. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Most likely he will just be doing The Apprentice at this point in this TL. What he chooses to do in 2016, well we will have to wait and see on that.
  4. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    PM me an email and I'll send you a word document with the entire TL. I'm still working on the thread marks now. There are 151 updates in the original TL and I'm up to 66 so it may be awhile before I catch up
  5. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    AFTER ZHIRINOVSKY- PART FIVE: TIPPING THE SCALES CNN interview with Dick Gephardt, Former House Majority Leader July 26, 2010 CNN: Congressman, the announcement that President George W. Bush was suspending his campaign after a dismal third place finish in New Hampshire was a political...
  6. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    You should still finish the original thread (I know, I'm biased for my own work). The thing is the original TL had a clear start, finish, and end. This post Zhirinovsky story is sort of a stand alone in some regards. Think of it this was: Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire is a complete story ALA...
  7. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    It is not. Sorry about the delay. I'm working on the update today and will try and post in the next 24 hours.
  8. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Probably comparable if not identical unfortunately. Oddly enough, Zhirinovsky had a history in TTL of being seen as the one politician who supported gay rights in Russia (you know what they say about the broken clock). He switched gears on that only recently, and mostly to keep the long LDPR...
  9. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    I don't want to give away to much here, but I will say this: Dubai will come into play but there is a "ripped from the headlines" feel to this TL and Saudi Arabia will fall into that category. Keep in mind, unlike OTL Iran is an established and legitimate regional power with moderate ties to the...
  10. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Thanks @5000 Cows, and welcome back! Obviously this won't be updated as rapidly as it had been before, and I'm trying to restart Bleeding Florida also, which slows it down as well. But I hope to keep things steadily posted with some new developments from the dystopian world we've grown familiar...
  11. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    I think it is safe to say that France is very concerned about what happened in Dominica and may be pushing hard to get the Russian expats out while at the same time not pushing to hard. First, there is a possibility we may see in the upcoming updates where the Dominica Russian government might...
  12. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Thanks for the input @FlyingSquirrel. I'll be honest, I avoided talking much about British politics in here since I wasn't well versed on the subject and I knew many others here were. My main focus was on Cameron not being leader of the conservatives since his perceived ties to the UIS, which in...
  13. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Yes it was, as was the text about Bill Owens. My mistake, thanks for catching that.
  14. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree it appears.
  15. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Thanks @Das Amerikan! Appreciate it and welcome aboard!
  16. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Great maps @Gian Thanks for sharing! It looks a lot better than the ones I used in the early updates.
  17. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    In terms of the second point, and I may be wrong on this since British and Commonwealth extradition law is not an area of expertise, but my understanding is that it would fall under the London Scheme: Arrangements with Commonwealth countries are set under The London Scheme and are implemented...
  18. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    Thanks @Israel
  19. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    AFTER ZHIRINOVSKY - PART FOUR: A YANKEE ON YAWKEY WAY Right off the bat, I want to apologize to everyone for the late delay in posting this. Work got a little crazy and a few weeks ago I injured my rotor cuff which prevented me from beign able to type much. Also, I had a trip earlier this...
  20. Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire

    AFTER ZHIRINOVSKY- PART THREE: AN ISLAND IN A SEA OF CRIME Some new names in this update: Protesters, supporters of former US President Bob Kerrey clash outside US embassy The Scotsman January 15, 2004 For the second straight day protesters...