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  1. Looking for Swiss data

    Hey everyone, I am working on a study about the effect of women suffrage on swiss politics, and I need some help with finding data. I need to find data about swiss cantons budget. Where can I find each canton's budget from the last 50 years? Thanks you all in advance 🙏
  2. The Legacy of the Levantine Norse- a Viking Jerusalem?

    So, I was having my fun playing CKII as a Norse and doing a prepared invasion of Jerusalem that I turned into the Kingdom of Jerusalem. That got me thinking, what if it happened for real? How and what the affect would have been, if the Vikings invaded and took the holy land? I was thinking...
  3. A Nestorian Christian Tibet?

    Nestorian Christianity arrived to tibet as early as the 6th century, with Patriarch Timothy even considering to establish a Tibetan metropolitan. So, WI Christianity won over Buddhism for the hearts of the Tibetans? How will it affect the rest of Asia? Remember that Tibet influenced Mongolia...
  4. Egypt doesn't join the 1948 war?

    How can we get Egypt to not join the arab coalition which invaded Israel in 1948? Or at least to minimise it's involvement to the size and strength of Lebanon? The end result would be a much greater Israeli victory, but what other consequences can be for this scenario?
  5. Independent Sardinia

    In 1353 Marianus IV of Arborea declared war on Aragon and managed to drive the Aragonese out of most of the island. in 1354 Peter IV of Aragon landed with a great army in Porto Conte with the aim of reconquering the city of Alghero, but his siege proved to be a disaster, as malaria raveged his...
  6. Can Prussia rise again?

    How can we create a serious Prussian secssecionist movment in Germany after WW1? We know that historaclly Germany saw the rise of tge Far Right after tge war, so its not so far fetched that regonal nationalisem will see its rise in Prussia as it breafly did in Bavaria. After the war Prussia was...
  7. The Levantine Allaince

    How do you create an Israel-Cyprus allaince? OTL their relashenship were hampered by the close Turkey-Israeli allaince, but since the 2010's israel and cyprus were brought closer as turkey and israel grew apart. So my idea is that Turkey become islamic earlier, while Cyprus is both not invaded...
  8. A Jewish Egypt?

    Once upon a time, Egypt had a huge and important jewish community, and even had some actual Jewish temples! So, do you think that there is a possibility for Egypt to become fully jewish? The Egyptians were circumcised and didn't eat pork that much, so the biggest obstacle that I can think of is...
  9. Black Electoral College in the south

    Before the American civil war, black slaves were counted in the Electoral College in each southern state, but each slave was counted as a 3/5 man. My question is why did the south counted the slaves at all, and why didn't they counted them as a whole person in order to get more Electors?
  10. Peace betwin China and Japan?

    What terms could have been acceptable by both china and Japan in order to end the second china-japan war? Can peace be reached before 1941? would the chinese accept the lose of Manchuria and abandon any claim to Taiwan and Korea? How will it affect the European war?
  11. The Jewish problem and solution in CP victory world

    one of the problems that would be created after a CP victory is the rise of the Jewish problem. Most of the TL about this topic tend to ignore this and simply say that the amount of anti-semitism will reduce over time. I don't think so. My idea is that Germany will create a Puppet Jewish...
  12. Fritz in the Holy Land

    What if Fritz Haber didn't die in the way to Israel and became a professor in the Sieff Research Institute as he was promised by Chaim Weizmann?For this he probably needs to live a safer life, probably by being more cautious in his work. What will he do in Palestine? Will he secretly create...
  13. Great Victory to the Khan

    What if the Crimean khnat won the battle of Molodi? Will Khan Devlet I Giray burn Moscow to the ground again? Will it be a key stap to ensure the tartar dominience in russia? A khnat from Crime to sibiria?Will the Ottomans build the Volga-Don cannal?
  14. The Magyars of the Po

    WI the Magyars migrated into Italy? What heppen to Hungary in that secenario?
  15. A chance for an Ottoman balkan

    Lets say that the greek war of independent (1821-1823) fail miserbally, probably because of no foreigne help (or at least not britain and france), maybe because of the massacres that the greeks performed against the turks and jews. lets say that the turks succeed in doing so without Mehmet Ali...
  16. possibilities check: Ethiopian somalia?

    Could Ethiopia get Italian Somaliland instead of Aritrea? If so, what are the consequences? Is there still a civil war? british somaliland become the republic os pont? if ther is a civil war, does a much bigger somalia is created?
  17. The Khan still rulls Craeme

    Can the Crimean Khanate survive to this day? (or gain her indipendet back from Russia?)
  18. What if Greece Intervene in the Turkish invasion to Cyprus?

    What if Greece Intervene in the Turkish invasion to Cyprus?
  19. A question about Lapland

    What is the most likely way to get: a) An independent Lapland? (I know that it's very un-likely) b) United Lapland under the rule of one contry (Russia, Sweden, Norway)?
  20. King of Israel?!?

    Let's say that during the congress of berlin, a jewish staste is founded in palestine. Because it is very unlikly to be a republic, would it get king like bulgaria and romania? if so, who will it be? a german prince? english? french? or maybe a member of the Rothschild family?