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  1. AHC: No high-speed rail

    Car culture is impossible without a reliable source of oil. The allies control most sources and the former soviet union will be full of partisans. Nazi germany will never be able to reach west german levels of private transport. Even east germany levels will be a challange for ATL germany.
  2. AHC: No high-speed rail

    Doesn't work. One of Hitlers pet projects was the Breitspurbahn . There is a high probability that this one will turn into a high speed rail in the 1960.
  3. Alternate History: Explain the historical event

    Turkey was "forced" to join the allies after a failed operation pike and the subsequent invasion by soviet forces. British-American War (1920-1932)
  4. The German Century

    The french crossing the ardennes is even less likely. Some german supply lines will be there and they will be guarded. ATL WW2 should start with some minor border skimishes on the franco german border and not with a french ultimatum.
  5. The German Century

    Unless the dutch expect a quick german victory and never mobilize their forces. The western netherlands are close to britain and the reds should have gained some experience in portugal. The dutch quickly surrendering without a fight could be one of the big fucks ups on ATL western front.
  6. The German Century

    Why? I don't think the dutch forces are able to resist a britsh invasion when the germans get their butts kicked in flanders and wallonia.
  7. The German Century

    The western allies lost the battle of france in six weeks and they only had one front to worry about. Here the german forces are stationed in a potentially hostile country (flanders wallonia) and they have another hostile power on their eastern border. A recipe for a desaster if their forces...
  8. The German Century

    Unless they fuck up and the british pull off a super successfull market garden operation. The germans never managed to completly close the ring around leningrad. Supplying 5-7 million people is going to be "fun" with a hostile army at your doorsteps.
  9. The German Century

    A push through the netherlands makes more sense. The terrain west of the rhine heavily favours the defenders as the allies found out in 44/45. Bonus points if a batte of teuteburg forest happens in this timeline and it ends with a crushing german defeat. The ruhr area suffering a leningrad...
  10. What if Nazi Germany created a bomb that could bomb the US?

    The BV238 could do it theoretically.
  11. AHC Screw Russia as hard as possible.

    Can't be a nazi germany victory. The specified period is 1890-1920. Russian Nazis starting WW1 after an earlier russian revolution.
  12. DBWI: Why is France not popular with international tourists?

    1. The destruction of paris during the second great war 2. The warlord era 1946-1966 3.The christo fascist government in charge of france to day.
  13. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    1960 - 2 million ATL vs 1.46 million OTL
  14. Would you have lasted in 1983?

    My hometown is an important logistical hub, to close to the inner german border, contains a Bundeswehr and a US Infantry HQ. -> Killed by a nuke.
  15. Rumsfeldia: Fear and Loathing in the Decade of Tears

    The popoulation of ATL US should be around 200 million - 10 times the population of OTL Syria. "something rivaling the OTL Syrian refugee crisis" = 50 million Americans refugees in Canada and Mexico.
  16. How to get the Japanese to win in the Pacific

    Hmm. Fascist US(after the great depression) and we get a GE/US vs GB/RU/JP war after pearl harbor.
  17. Chiang Kai-Shek goes to Germany: An Axis China Timeline

    A vanilla sherman needs APCR rounds if it want to penetrate a churchill III frontal armor on a regular basis. A skilled crew might be able to penetrate the churchill III non angled turret armor with regular AP rounds.
  18. DBWI The winterwar doesn't escalate

    Germany was Sparta reloaded before 1989. They are a strict democracy today(like OTL Singapur).
  19. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Or the colons from post #987 are selling meat of questionable origin...
  20. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Hmm France has no food to spare AFAIK and Zhúlóng is a dragon ...