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  1. Challenge: Tunisia just as Italian as Sicily

    You just said both had to be of the same amount of italian-ness. You didn't say that both had to actually BE of Italian culture. :p ;)
  2. Challenge: Tunisia just as Italian as Sicily

    Easy: The Christians never retake sicily so Sicily becomes cultrually like Tunisia. Voila both are at the same degree of being Italian(read: none at all).
  3. Status of nations in 2006 had there been no world wars

    I'd add significantly more euro populations to the rhodesias, south africa, kenya, Tunisia, Angola(if only because of intermarriage), mozambique(intermarriage), portuguese guinea(see Angola+Mozambique), Beuchanaland

    A more likely POD could be FDR dying of polio then Long getting the nomination.

    If long is able to get in instead of FDR expect a farther reaching new deal and a more militarized US.
  6. Desert reclamation/terraforming

    why not put this in a TL or use it as a POD?
  7. Pan-Turkic union after 1992

    Well with more of an eastern focus forget about Turkey wanting to get into the EU.
  8. War of 1812 Discussion

    I'd imagine that Canada is more regionalized than in OTL.
  9. Different definition of "Europe"

    Somehow avoid the rise of islam and I'd imagine the entire medditeranean basin would be considered part of "europe"
  10. WI: Automobile development slowed down, aircraft research sped up?

    Interesting. So what POD could get to this?
  11. A Map Thread

    Reminds me of Turnovia
  12. WI France keeps on Fighting

    Germany gets bogged down and the reds get deeper into europe.
  13. Why do people foolishly insist that US/CS reunion is possible?

    Dixie is in the correct climate zone for Malaria. The difference is that unlike mexico Dixie is part of a first world nation so measures would be taken to remove malaria from it.
  14. DBWI: Scramble for africa?

    Ok so we're a bit better in tropical medicine and have LASIK surgery in 1990 instead of in 2005. Not much changes in medicine.
  15. DBWI: Scramble for africa?

    I don't see it as being worth the price of exposing euro-american trade routes to the dark continent and getting its diseases passed along.
  16. DBWI: Scramble for africa?

    Why would it be better off? The disease environmetn precludes largescale european settlement.
  17. DBWI: Scramble for africa?

    Perhaps the nightmarish congo diseases like AIDS or Ebola would be global problems instead of lcoal problems.
  18. DBWI: Scramble for africa?

    What would have happened if the european powers had not written africa off as a disease filled primitive land and had colonized it?
  19. The best AH you've never seen...

    I didn't say it was likely.. just possible. I'm more concerned if a POD is possible than if its likely/probable.
  20. I'm thinking about a possible Dark Age timeline

    Absolutely not. TRy a 19th century TL instead.