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  1. CaptainShadow

    WI Charles IV of France has a son.

    As it says on the tin, the PoD is that Charles le Bel has a son. In particular, let's say Blanche is born male. Who serves as regent? How would European landscape be changed with (presumably) no HYW? Would Gascony still be confiscated? P.S. For the sake of discussion let's assume Charles jr...
  2. CaptainShadow

    AHC: Edward Balliol on the Scottish throne with a PoD in 1336.

    Title says everything. PoD is that John of Eltham survives. How would you achieve this? Is this plausible at all? @VVD0D95 @Kellan Sullivan
  3. CaptainShadow

    PC/AHC: A hidden blade from Assassin's creed IRL

    So basically, https://assassinscreed.fandom.com/wiki/Hidden_Blade Is this possible IRL? . Could it be used as a PDW for heads of states early on and later spread to the lower classes?
  4. CaptainShadow

    Possibilities for a Richard of Conisburgh TL?

    Richard of Conisburgh (1) is one of the most interesting (IMHO) figures of 15th century England. Known as the "poorest of earls". He was father to the richest man in England and claimant to the throne, Richard,Duke of York (2). So,my question is what are the possible PoDs for a surviving...