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  1. galileo-034

    WI : Constantinople resisting and early fall of the Crimean khanate

    So, I was thinking of a backstory for a modern byzantine version of Constantinople I could possibly work in Cities Skylines (if I get time for it) and I got thinking on the consequences it could have on Russia, and what these developments would entail for Constantinople. The pod remains very...
  2. galileo-034

    The American Chairman - Act I : Give me liberty or give me Hearst

    The American Chairman Act One - Give me liberty or give me Hearst Prologue Well, where to begin? A week ago I guess. I have had this idea trotting around my head again and again over the past week, at least. Over the summer, and even still now, I watched political crisis unfolding in Italy...
  3. galileo-034

    AHC : Politically "Indianize" China by the 17th century

    Though the parallel is very limited, the word is like "balkanize" pretty convenient and clear a name for the idea. So, the idea is to get China getting stuck into a period of longer disunity into the 17th century as European navies begin to trade in the region. In the end, it's anything but...
  4. galileo-034

    WI : A Dutch led industrial revolution?

    I've been somewhat interested not to say fascinated with the Dutch prosperity of the 17th century and somewhat too in the 18th. In the 18th century, the United Provinces were past their golden age, their domination of the seas went away as competition from other naval powers, especially that of...
  5. galileo-034

    Help on geographical distribution of Share Our Wealth membership

    I don't know if that's the proper forum for this, but I figured since it's related to geography, map and data, it would be better suited. If I'm told wrong, then I would move this thread to the forum I would be told as correct. I'm looking for intel on the Share Our Wealth clubs membership...
  6. galileo-034

    WI: No Vichy regime - a continued 3rd Republic

    In 1940, Albert Lebrun was president of the French Republic, in his second term (reelected in 1939, a first since Jules Grévy's reelection in 1885). Along Paul Reynaud, he was partisan of a retreat into North Africa, but the resignation of Reynaud and political pressure let him no other choice...
  7. galileo-034

    WI : Trump runs in 2012

    That's a reboot of my previous thread with the stated objective of having Obama, like Grover Cleveland before, a two non consecutive terms president, losing reelection in the electoral college but winning in the popular vote, returning to win four years later. As I read it, Trump had good polls...
  8. galileo-034

    AHC : Make Obama a modern Cleveland

    That's just an idea that propped up in head. WI Obama had been defeated for reelection in 2012, losing in the electoral college but winning in the popular vote, perhaps massively like OTL 2016, then would run in 2016 to reclaim the presidency like Cleveland in 1892. How could that happen?
  9. galileo-034

    AHC : Create a Scientocratic state from medieval universities

    I remember having read that universities once had parliamentary representation in the UK (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_constituency). Would it be possible to have, at the example of clerical states within HRE, to see some 'scientocratic' states emerging out of universities, and at...
  10. galileo-034

    AHC : A Bonaparte political dynasty in the United States.

    In the beginning of the 19th century as some of you may know, Jérôme Bonaparte, one of Napoléon I's brother, visited America and married a girl of Baltimore, Elizabeth Patterson. Though Napoléon I had the marriage dissolved, a boy was born from this union, Jérôme Napoléon Bonaparte-Patterson...
  11. galileo-034

    AHC: Have Bertrand Delanoë elected French President and first major gay head of a Western state

    Though French politics may not be widely known to readers here, there is Bertrand Delanoë, politician from the Socialist Party, who made his coming out as gay in 1998 amidst debates on civil unions for homosexuals and who nonetheless succeeded in getting elected as mayor of Paris, quite a feat...
  12. galileo-034

    Hitler's Parkinson disease condition

    I didn't know where to put this as this isn't exactly a thread meant for a TL, but to answer some questions of medical nature. One thing on which I wonder is the consequences of Hitler's Parkinson disease on his health. Looking at the most conservative estimate I could find, based on photos...
  13. galileo-034

    AHC : US Presidential election - 58 to win

    Rumsfeldia, House of Cards ... Fiction made me wonder how easy it is, theoretically, for someone to win a presidential election with a minority of votes. When I look at the way a hung electoral college sends the election to the House where one must win over 26 state delegations, I took a look...
  14. galileo-034

    President Gaston Monnerville : What consequences on western culture ?

    Gaston Monnerville was born in French Guiana from parents with slave ancestry and made his way through the institutions of the 4th Republic to become President of the Senate, position he retained until October 1968. Just a few months after, de Gaulle resigned, making Alain poher, Monnerville's...
  15. galileo-034

    Second French Republic wikiboxes

    A like just reminded me of a thread on Napoléon III dying before 1848 and the consequences. https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/napoleon-iii-dies-before-taking-power-effects-for-france-and-the-wider-world.334633/ I just decided to do some wikiboxes to explore this ATL, but I don't...
  16. galileo-034

    WI: a SR Russia and Long America - The Century of the Common Man
    Threadmarks: US politics 1919-1920

    Though the point has already been evoked, I'd like to explore it further. I'm actually looking for some idea of US TL in the 20th century, something in the vein of MaskedPickle Perot TL, and I found this period in the immediate aftermath of WWI to be fertile in opportunities. The POD here is...
  17. galileo-034

    WI: South Caucasus campaign in WWII

    That's a reboot of a previous thread of mine. The idea is basically Army Group A under List somehow keeps armored support longer and is able to take Baku during autumn 1942. However, there is no use for oil fields since they have been methodically destroyed by retreating Soviet forces. The...
  18. galileo-034

    WI: Adams wins in 1800

    What does it take and what would happen during a second term for Adams? One thing I understood about John Adams is that he was relatively moderate among Federalists and Hamilton repeatedly intrigued to replace him with a more pliable president, a puppet of his own, possibly costing Adams a...
  19. galileo-034

    WI : An Edward VIII's second reign ?

    Let's say that George VI dies heirless, or that both Elizabeth and Margaret don't survive him, would there be a possibility Edward VIII may be called to return or would the crown unavoidably go to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester? What I was actually thinking of when I first considered the...
  20. galileo-034

    WI : North German policies without Bismarck

    I'm doing some search for a late 19th century TL and I'm exploring options over what road to take with North Germany (ie North German confederacy or at least Prussia in a non unification scenario). Bismarck remains the most influential figure of this era of German politics, but seemingly, when...